Mobile phones industry in Africa ‘booming’ according to statistics

Posted on August 28, 2014 10:06 am

According to the latest Strategy Analytics, one in ten African individuals owns a smartphone but the overall mobile phone penetration rate stands at an average of 70.3%. That means practically everyone seven our ten Africans has a mobile phone while a third has more than one. This trend is enabling more and more people around the continent to have regular access to the Internet that wouldn’t have had in the past.The standard phones available in Africa are the types that have un-limited memory space, LCD screens, multi-phonic ringtones, and supports mobile Internet as well as social networking capabilities. Display technology is now more vivid, sharper and more resistant to glare and generally more lifelike in its rendering of images. It is also appearing on flagship models in bigger screen sizes that are better suited to connectivity related tasks. Availability of chipsets are becoming more powerful with quad core that handles more sophisticated processing demands. It’s amazing to think how far mobile technology has progressed in Africa where many users, smartphones are replacing conventional desktop PCs as their primary means of connectivity. Even website developers have keyed into this and have reacted accordingly with most websites in the continent having mobile versions.

In countries like South Africa, Kenya, Nigeria and Egypt, the QR code scanning has flourished. Websites have become mobile-friendly. Mobile technology has never been more pervasive than it is today. Experts have been pointing that it all started with a simple realisation that technology is built around the user. Mobile advertising is booming in Africa and is soon expected to surpass the Print media advertisement in terms of revenue generation. And, also, social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter have been streamlined for mobile access. Smartphone manufacturers have also optimised their handsets for an increasingly connected Africa. No doubt, smartphones have become an extension of who Africans are rather than just what they use.Companies like MTN Group, Safaricom, Airtel Africa, Vodacom among others have experienced success with smartphones acknowledge that delighting customers with unique, people-centric products, developed from real insights drawn by actual consumers is crucial.

Contador Harrison