Mobile phones in Japan will monitor skin condition

Posted on November 30, 2012 09:03 am

I woke up early today to catch up with world’s latest events and landed on NHK satellite English Tv channel and was surprised to watch a news item claiming how a mobile phone will monitor the user’s skin condition, checking for blemishes and colour. The “Hada Memori” which means skin memory in Japanese, will allow women to keep tabs on their complexion and track changes over time by storing records in the cloud. Users could also share their data through social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and others.

IT giant Fujitsu, plans to use the information to target advertising of beauty products. According to what the reporter was saying,the skin system comes with a small card that has a 15 millimetre (0.6 inch) hole, which must be pressed to the cheek. The smartphone’s camera then takes a picture of the skin and analyses the result. The Hada Memori is the first of a series of devices that will measure users’ stress levels, exercise habits and quality of sleep, helping the company gather a significant pool of health data which it can then sell on.Fujitsu will be able to offer the data to service providers eventually and is aiming to have one million users of the system in the next two years.

Contador Harrison