Mobile online shopping security features

Posted on January 2, 2013 01:00 am

The latest Internet use statistics show mobile phones are increasingly being used for online shopping and smartphones are expected this year to account for over ten percent of retailers’ online revenue globally. The growth will come with online threats for tablet and smartphone owners. Unless shoppers remain vigilant, this year security experts argue that people will be distracted and there would be an increase in risk of succumbing to online fraud and theft of data. Another research by Kaspersky Lab indicates that sixty five percent of smartphone owners, sixty percent of laptop owners and fifty percent of Macbook users across western countries do not bother to protect their devices.Whether through anti virus software or enhanced security settings, most people leave a wealth of personal information easily accessible to cyber crooks.

If you are regular mobile online shopper, it is important to create a password because it could reduce crooks shopping on your device if you lose it, giving the chance to cancel and freeze accounts before fraudulent activity takes place. One must ensure the safety of credit reports that chronicles all financial history and if it shows any details unknown to you, then you must act immediately and ensure cyber crooks do not take advantage. Importantly, ensure your shopping from secure website that uses encryption and be on the look out for those that have https and a symbol of padlock in the bottom corner of the screen which confirms payment details are encrypted. Having an up to date mobile device software and firewall software is critical in stopping cyber crooks. There are very few differences when it comes to shopping on mobile devices as one would when shopping online. Last year saw the threats and viruses prevalence go up on a smartphone or tablet because the fraudsters have become more sophisticated in the tools they are using to capture personal data.

Contador Harrison