Mobile multitasking is indispensable

Posted on May 13, 2014 02:32 pm

Gone are the days when mobile phone was a luxury to most of us. Now with a $100 you can get an android smartphone. Few would have predicted that leaving and forgetting your mobile phone at home is unimaginable and I doubt few would do without a phone in running their errands and businesses. To leaders, executives, workers to mention but a few it would be a disaster. Only fifteen years ago, a mobile phone was still a little known technology. Today, it is as indispensable as radio or television set, maybe even more so. According to the latest statistics, close to eighty percent of people around the world now have access to mobile phones, according to a recent United Nations report. Nigeria, the largest economy in Africa, has seen an increase in the domestic mobile phone market. According to the latest data, there are more than 120 million mobile phone users in the country with more than 25% of them owning smartphones.

Nowadays, people don’t use their mobile phone just for calling or texting. They also use their mobile device to update their social media status or share information, pictures and videos.  Proliferation of one-stop mobile online experience for customers offering its users many features, such as online games, virtual gifts and photo sharing, multi tasking has been a day to day experience for both standard and smartphone users. Anyone can also make a call or send short Message Service texts using voice over Internet protocol technology, messaging services like Viber, Whatsapp which charges nothing and a lot cheaper than making calls through your mobile-phone operator. Social media sites offer a slow interaction concept that allows posted comments to be seen for a long period. Information shared on Twitter is based on what users are seeing at the moment while others give a user a real-time experience as they’re chatting with others. Indeed, we live in multi tasking era and people can talk within online chat rooms, with today’s technology they could do many more cool things at the same time.

Contador Harrison