Mobile apps in Africa

Posted on September 20, 2012 10:38 pm

Mobile technology has had a positive impact on many sectors in Africa. Most customers are increasingly becoming accustomed to apps that range from heal to agriculture and it is now natural for them to turn to their phones as a trusted source of information. Africans expect mobile apps to be adequately developed to handle and address their problems and interactions. On couple of countries I have been privileged to visit, I observed that mobile support goes beyond self-services such as conducting fund transfers or alerting customers to their balance thresholds over a mobile phone. Africa’s customers are also prone to frequent postings on social media like Facebook and Twitter as well as Whats Up.

Social networking may play a bigger role in customer contact in Africa by responding to the mobile and social media trends hitting the continent because developers have developed Interactions that enables businesses to provide self-service apps for smart and standard phone equipped specific network operators customers. Some Apps I came across allows organizations to brand their own mobile applications and then publish them in the appropriate stores, such as App store and Google Play. When customers download such an app, they can log in using their social media details or the credentials provided by an organization. When integrated with social media, the apps allow obtaining of information about their customers that can then be used to tailor deals and promotions for them. Also, the apps provide a unified customer experience and bridge the gap between mobile self-service and live-agent assistance that is a common trend in the continent. Customers of businesses using such apps can switch from mobile self-service interaction to a web-call or text chat.


Contador Harrison