Mindless drivers:Please make road safety a priority

Posted on September 27, 2013 08:12 am

Senseless, unthinking, thoughtless, shortsighted, violent, wild, inconsiderate, hasty, impetuous, rash, heedless are some of the words I can use to describe a driver I saw in traffic this morning. What happened to road safety and respect for traffic regulations? Unless you live in boondock or outback, you must be aware how cities around the world have strict laws and hefty fines that discourages mindless motorists from flouting laws and regulations that help keep millions of us safe. But what I saw this morning was an exception.I wonder what has made private car owners and drivers of public transport vehicles to do as they please without even minding about other road users safety. It is a common sight in road for public transportation vehicles to park on the road while they wait for passengers and private car drivers some owners some not to overtake and harass innocent looking motorists as they wish. Coincidentally, I was listening to Indeep’s Last Night the DJ saved my life, a 1980s classic hit when the buffoon came from nowhere and flew past me like rocket which left me wondering if he was headed to the morgue or his work place. In theory, reckless driving covers a broad range of different driving behavior that I consider stupid and idiotic like over speeding, lack of adhering to street and highway signs, running red lights, tailgating among other many dangerous driving behaviors.

But on top of that, why would common sense applying driver stop abruptly while driving in the middle of busy roads to pick passengers. One wonders where they got their driving permits because driving schools even the most archaic ones teaches how such a behavior poses great dangers to all road users including pedestrians. There is need for those people we pay taxes to employ them to take bold action on drivers that flout traffic rules and regulations and if need be fine and jail drivers who do not obey the law. Such a move would save the situation and improve road safety to the have and have-nots. I have no doubt stringent actions are badly needed to tackle the increasing loss of lives on our roads. No matter where you live, the world is full of half baked and senseless drivers who do not care an inch about the loss of lives or what victims of accidents go through. Two kilometers away from the spot that ‘flying driver’ passed me there was an accident that choked my morning. A splash of blood and lifeless bodies that lost their lives earlier on was hurtful. As usual with such places there was huddle of people who gathered around the bodies and the wreckages of the vehicles involved in the accident. I saw a close friend helping to carry the body to the police van waiting in the middle of the road while some were trying to help, while others are just curious onlookers, but sadly the bodies were beyond resuscitation and one can only imagine how families, friends and the country at large will be affected by the deaths. Just last week, I saw a car that had hit a woman that had several dents to its panels.

According to a bloke I spoke with, the driver was not hurt. What mindless road users fail to understand is mental trauma fatal collision bring that are normally deep and lasting. World roads have become ridiculously dangerous and I cannot understand why people don’t care to think about road safety. The utterly mad rush for drivers to get where they are going has made them take risky driving habits and this has put other people’s lives in danger. Whether you live in Australia, Finland, USA, Uganda, Brazil or even Japan, statistics shows that mindlessness about the dangers of roads has become commonplace. It was unfathomable indeed to read an email from my nephew last weekend that a bloke who knocked my niece to death in Sydney nine years ago was involved in another horrific accident ten days ago. Unfortunately, this time round he was among those who died last week and three of his victims have no chance of survival, as massive injury from a collision and impact into an air-bag, steering wheel and the windscreen has left them fighting for their lives. Whether you like me or not, I will forever support any efforts anywhere in the world that would install order on the roads and unless your mindless like those drivers, you do know that any initiative geared towards saving lives deserves full support. There is no one who wants to be in a place where lack of discipline and road manners does not exist. You bloody fools, road accidents will continue to happen unless you fools start to think seriously about road safety. You senseless idiots who belong to the school of thought that “it will never happen to me am a professional driver” your time is coming.

Contador Harrison