Miami Heat melts San Antonio Spurs to win second straight NBA title

Posted on June 21, 2013 08:26 am

The war began on Tuesday after Miami Heat guard Ray Allen hit a game tying three pointer to force overtime in Game Seven of the NBA Finals. Miami Heat beat the San Antonio Spurs 103-100 after overtime to square the series at 3-3 and force the NBA Finals to a decisive Game 7 that has just ended. On Tuesday, Spurs game seven tormentor Le Bron James scored 16 points in the fourth quarter to rally the Miami team from a 10point deficit. I recall how he hit 3 with 20 seconds to go and Allen drilled another to tie it. That according to me was the turnaround for the Heat in the series and history was on their side as far as game seven at home is concerned. In the winner take-all clash, it whipped me as a natural basketball fan, drove me into a frenzy of excitement every now and then especially Le Bron James performances. It was a wildly fluctuating game 7 that was full of escalating drama. The game lived up to the billing and expectations of fans with both Heat and Spurs fiercely contesting every possession. On Twitter, I had an exchange with two Miami Heat diehard fans before and after game six and you can read some of them below.

Alice Ngambi ‏‪@alizwan

17 Jun@contadoharrison ‪@Dthrills217 The Spurs are a well rounded team there’s no denying that but the Heat are the champions for a reason.

Contador Harrison ‏‪@contadoharrison

19 Jun@alizwan ‪@Dthrills217 Won’t be surprised if Guns n Roses song Paradise city will be what Miami Heat fans will be singing in Miami after game

daniel hursey ‏‪@Dthrills217

 19 Jun 

‪@contadoharrison ‪@alizwan no  the heat are clutch …. repeat promised now  no team on road wins game 7

The above two are what I can describe as natural fans of LeBron James and Miami heat. Le Bron James shouldered the load this season more than any other player in the team during the regular season after Dwayne Wade was hurt for much of the run in. James stepped up, especially with this Game 7 performance that made me get value for burning the midnight oil. The most valuable player has been rewarded for his hard work with another Miami Heat winning the series 4-3 making it the first time the Spurs have trailed in any of their five Finals appearances according to NBA facts. I must confess Le Bron James is no doubt the NBA’s biggest star and he is playing at the peak of his powers. I watched him single handedly demolished the San Antonio Spurs with a game high 37 points and also pulled in 12 rebounds in a dominant performance while the evergreen Dwayne Wade had 23 points. Miami now have their third title in the bag and James has his second almost 48 hours after Miami’s championship defense almost ended until that “Ray Allen moment.”

My tweet few hours before the game NBA got talent finals coming up in few hours time.Attraction top acts led by Lebron James on one side and Tim Duncan on the other.Can’t wait was turned into a joke by a friend residing in Miami.She told me on phone that it will be a game between talented dinosaurs(read Tim Duncan and co) and talented generation Y.For those unaware, I was supporting the San Antonio Spurs although Los Angeles Lakers is my team since mid 1980s. Not even the dominant era of Chicago Bulls changed my heart. On my allegiance of the night, legendary Tim Duncan scored 24 points and grabbed 12 rebounds for Spurs while Kawhi Leonard had 19. It was Spurs first loss of an NBA Finals for the first time in franchise history and courtesy of Le Bron James and Dwayne Wade ensured it was delivered on a devastating and heartbreaking fashion. Spurs had the title in their grasp at the end of Game Six but Miami Heat had other ideas. Hands on Le Bron James. It was a fascinating night for him and a quiet one for his haters. On top of that, Le Bron James was named playoff Most Valuable Player for the second year in a row.

Contador Harrison