Marriage is prostitution to one man instead of many

Posted on February 5, 2016 12:02 am

Prostitution has existed since the beginning of civilization and in some parts of the world, like in Africa, it has become part of the community and its culture. Selling sex is illegal in most parts of Africa. History, however, tells me that it is not unusual for prostitution to become legal, or at the very least tolerated by officials, to support local both rural and urban economies.In Africa, sex workers customers come from all over the globe and from various institutions.There are a lot of businesses in Africa that heavily depend on prostitution, then the overall contribution from the complex to the continent’s economy is quite significant. Prostitutes, or sex workers as they are fondly referred to, can only sell if there are buyers in the game of supply and demand, the simple logic of our capitalist world. Early this week,I had a heated debate with a friend  who works as a counselor for sex workers in several parts of Africa.As a medical industry expert, he has all my respect but his mindset is awful.I questioned him why is it always the woman, the sex worker, is blamed for the oldest profession’s activities and not males who seek the services of our female species? In his own descriptions, women without morals as he called sex workers, should stop supplying the service to men without morals who do purchasing.In this world full of challenges left right center, is morality really an issue? To me, its not an issue but for others who mind about other people’s lives decisions its a big deal.

The voyeuristic cum moralistic tone is common with religious leaders who themselves are worse than us and historically are know to be among the most ardent purchasers of sex.As we chatted with the medical expert, I made no bones about the fact that his concern about the sex industry derives from his position as a husband and father. He fears he might one day go through what one of his best friend did last year, discovering that his wife habitually engaged in sex for commercial reasons.To him, the “oldest profession” is simply the “oldest oppression against women” in the world.Undoubtedly, the immorality of prostitution is often forced on women, who invariably do it because of economic need. This sounds convincing to amateurs, but sadly it’s not always the case. Having personally interacted with commercial sex workers before, some sex workers actually derive sexual pleasure from their clients and not specifically for money.In Sydney, Australia there are two ladies am familiar with who engage in sex for fun but not for money simply because their men are too weak to satisfy their hormonal demands.One of them is married to a septuagenarian yet she aged 30 while the other is 34 years married to an octogenarian. One of them told me that those who can afford to be selective will choose the ones they like in the brothels. Some have a regular clientele and even develop close relationships with their customers.

In Australia, wealthy housewives have been known to “moonlight” as prostitutes just for kicks, because they’re bored and at times to get even with their love rats and sex-marauding hubbies. What’s good for the goose is good for the gander, after all.In Melbourne’s Newcastle area, there’s a case of a sex worker who got married to a much older man,older than her own father but missed the days when she was “wet-chick” and could still experience the orgasm. Her husband was only interested in his own pleasure, but she put up with it for the sake of the economic security of her kid which she sired with a former boy friend she met in a brothel.That is the kind of prostitution when one sells their spirits, soul and pleasure for money.Generally what I know is that sex workers only sell their bodies.As a libertarian, I have never been interested in the morality of others as its none of my business and will never be let alone the sex trade itself. Prostitution and pornography are all facts of life, and have been around from time immemorial.But the fools called religious leaders and moralists of society want us to believe that they are not facts of life. Whether they like it or not, sex workers business and porn are part and parcel of capitalism, politics, militarism, and human beings’ fundamental physical urges. No amount of efforts geared towards consciousness raising and education in gender equality can eliminate it. The facts are out there for anyone with eyes to see what am arguing about.

The increasing proliferation of the sex industry for the “haves”, safely ensconced in five-star hotels, immune to police raids that the sex workers constantly fight off, sometimes at the cost of their lives is just of the many facts which indicate sex business isn’t going anywhere.For the “Have-not” sex trade has something to do with economic need, and fraught with ‘damned if you do,’ ‘damned if you don’t choices,’ and the truth is that they can’t afford to be moralistic like so called religious leaders want to believe.In the case of unofficial sex trade, i believe that people have the right to sell sex, that sex workers shouldn’t be stigmatized but regarded as workers, and that they have the right to organize. Prostitution in my view should be decriminalized and regulated with a view to protecting sex workers from abuse. In countries like Australia or regions like Europe, Africa, sex workers are at the forefront of disease prevention and most of them are championing safe sex, encouraging their clients to use condoms, sometimes at the risk of physical abuse.In different cities of Australia in establishments they work in especially brothels put up stickers in each room promoting safe sex. If human beings have an interest in keeping their bodies clean, so why not brothels? As a liberal minded bloke, I’d be more inclined to even suggest let alone imposing standards of morality on anyone. The moralists of this world call it ethics. Personally, I strongly believe the prostitutes are in politics, governments, legislature, business sector, judiciary and other such institutions. They are the prostitutes who put their countries future up for sale thanks to their short sights not longer than a twig or berry – any Australian will tell u what that those two words means!

Contador Harrison