Mark Sampson sacking is nauseating

Posted on September 20, 2017 12:06 am

A couple of hours ago, Mark Sampson was sacked as England women’s manager by his employers for what was reported to be inappropriate relationships with female players during his spell as manager of Bristol Academy. That however didn’t convince me, am skeptical about the whole issue. Look, Mark is same generation as your blogger, millennial and has been incredibly successful in his work, so the decision by Martin Glenn must be put into context. Mark Sampson had been accused of racism for the last few months although Martin Glenn statement about Sampson dismissal clearly shows it was connected to those incidents.Racism can have a profound impact on people’s involvement in sport.  It can affect motivation, enjoyment and levels of participation and, if unchecked, may result in inappropriate, potentially dangerous and violent behavior. Racial harassment, discrimination and vilification have no place in any sport let alone the Chelsea striker Eniola Aluko’s allegations about Sampson.However, on this post I want to take unusual step, a call to action in support of Mark Sampson and against the personal attack inherent in the abuse he has suffered from a minority of people who wanted to crucify him just because of Aluko’s allegations. My move reflects profound concern about the treatment that Sampson, who has seen his end to his illustrious career after the sacking, has been receiving from an ignorant, mean-spirited portion of British society who want to use racism as their foundation for every argument.England is a culturally diverse country in which people from different countries live, work and study.Sport attracts people from all different races and life-styles and provides an opportunity to build social and cultural bridges based on shared interests and thats why Aluko who is Nigerian has had that chance to be who she is today. Successful sports men and women break down racism by focusing on developing individual skills and not by sour grapes and seeking media attention to destroy other people’s lives and career.There is no doubt racial discrimination and unlawful behaviour should result in disciplinary action, suspension, expulsion, and financial costs but in the case of Mark Sampson, he has been investigated and found not guilty yet a disgruntled woman took it upon herself to allege, to judge and prosecute a young promising football coach.

For heaven sake, those allegations haven’t been proved but Martin Glenn and his fellow grandees have decided to use a different case to sack him but only fools will believe that was exact cause of his dismissal. Am one of those who believe its because of Aluko’s unsubstantiated allegations which has Mark Sampson publicly shammed as an individual. This is a clear failure by Chelsea player to understand that her public comments have had a negative impacts on racism and the importance of understanding the cultures of other members in the community will not be helped by her action. Few British whites will sympathize with her, because she has demonized an individual in public rather than addressing the issue like an adult, she reminded me of high school mate who used to report us whenever we would use the prohibited Australian slangs in school and used to do it publicly in front of teachers so that we can get punished. The manner in which the majority of people on social media and in the community have also joined together to support Mark Sampson is truly something for British people to be proud of as it shows that there is hope that sport can still bring people together when someone is being accused without any facts. England is now more multicultural than it has ever been and that is something for everyone to be proud of. The country national teams are filled with sports men and women from a vast variety of cultural backgrounds and beliefs, but the fact that these differing individuals are united and unite as one, makes me believe that England can beat real racism and not alleged racism.My personal experiences over the past have not deterred me from voicing my opinion regarding Mark Sampson case, which I told a friend was the worst treatment I’ve ever seen for a prominent football coach in recent history. To me, standing up against racism in sport is something for us all to undertake and urge you all to join the fight but let us also fight character assassinators like Aluko. Other greats of the game have endured such setbacks that has befallen Mark Sampson, though they tended to be short lived. I have no doubt that adulation will return to Sampson because his positive achievements far outweighed the negatives.We cannot have a few medieval minded people erode the showcase that football is for reconciliation and a channel for progress just because they want to use racism card to further their personal interests. Each of us who sympathize with Mark Sampson likely to find our own way to express our solidarity and empathy to him like i have done by writing my views. Whether the Aluko allegations ends now or not, an innate sense of fairness, a generosity of spirit, an egalitarian ethos and, most of all, a willingness to back Mark Sampson is unshakeable. Myself I have no doubt something good will emerge from Sampson’s pain and I stand with him.

Contador Harrison