Major events of 2013 review

Posted on January 1, 2014 12:02 am

Looking back at the main events that shaped the world over the past 12 months that ended few hours ago after we ushered 2014, it becomes clear that 2013 will go down in history as one of the saddest in my generation. As a formula one addict, the news that seven-time Formula 1 champion Michael Schumacher’s was involved in a near fatal accident on Sunday was sad and although an experienced skier, Schumacher was reported to have been flying down the slopes between 37mph and 63mph when he crashed, a source close to the investigation into the accident was quoted as saying on Sunday. By the time I was writing this article, the condition of Michael Schumacher had improved slightly after doctors carried out a second operation to reduce the swelling on his brain. Cairo’s deadly clash between Muslim brotherhood supporters and soldiers is one of the experiences that shaped the world. On July, the Egyptian armed forces ousted the country’s first elected civilian President Mohamed Mursi, following four days of nationwide protests demanding his departure. On August, a deadly massacre in the Syrian crisis worsened when a video footage emerged showing bodies of civilians on the ground reportedly killed by a toxic lethal gas on the outskirts of Damascus. Personally, I did not see any justification of China and South Korea’s uproar and condemnation of Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe for visiting a shrine that honors war dead including convicted war criminals. Me think there are so many living war criminals in this world such that those who died decades ago should be trashed in the bin of history and World should instead focus on present and future criminals who have perpetuated crimes against humanity. It was painful to lose Kenneth Serufusa, a friend, a brother and business partner but it was shocking to lose a friend through road accident.

Like I wrote about the subject of spying following revelations by fugitive former National Security Agency former security contractor Edward Snowden, spying is a subject that I can completely summed up by the saying “nothing is either good or bad, but thinking makes it so. On June, one of British most respected newspaper Guardian and Watergate scandal revealer the Washington Post revealed a United States of America mass domestic and global spying program, code-named PRISM and was followed by reports of U.S. spying on its allies including German chancellor Angela Merkel. The NSA spying scandal triggered strong opposition and condemnation around the world and eroded the credibility of the United States among its allies especially after German weekly newspaper Der Spiegel revealed NSA’s capabilities and I also published an article your phone is your spy  that was well received. That inspired me to take a closer look at the spying in less developed region of Africa and it was clear the continent would not be hospitable for paranoid types as spying is here to stay and with the advanced technological capabilities, people have the capacity to spy on each other at will.Ever keen to challenge my own assumptions in various topics that I write about, I came across a fascinating individual from Ontario, Canada who reads my posts on a daily basis who argued against my mode of thinking and doing things. The bloke warned that with the rate at which am multitasking, I would be insane come 2020 or earlier than that. Well, I wait to see if that will happen.

Despite having a very tight working schedule, I managed to maintain the culture of reading at least two books per month and shared my views on 12 of them with my blog readers on On March, Roman Catholic Church chose a new pope after Pope Benedict XVI announced a historic resignation and Jorge Mario Bergoglio, the archbishop of Buenos Aires, was elected and adopted the name Pope Francis and is considered to be the first non-European pope to be elected in more than 1,300 years. On one occasion I hard to work extra hard to get back my stolen valuables, an episode that had gone so bad that I contemplated focusing on skinning someone alive. Luckily, my hardened mentality helped me carry the day and never landed myself in trouble. This was because I never thought that a law enforcement agent would ever steal items in matter of seconds. A close blud who knew about the incident was gobsmacked when I was asked to pay a bribe and get my gadgets back. Unfortunately for the demanding bloody idiot, I refused and told him that no matter how painful it is, I not and have belief that I would get back my stuff. With help of sophisticated technology in my possession, I eventually got them at no cost. Tamper proof security features installed in the gadgets played a significant role in helping me track down the idiots whom I decided to forgive and forget rather than endure a court process that would have yielded more pain than joy.  I must admit Contador Harrison is afraid of increasing intolerant groups and societies who are using religious sentiment in a negative way for short term individual or group interests on international scale with the heart rendering events and slaughter of innocent lives On September 21, when an al-Qaeda-affiliated group stormed an Israeli owned shopping mall in the Kenyan capital Nairobi, killing over 67 people, among them were 61 civilians, six security personnel and five militants. Somalia’s al-Qaeda-linked al-Shabab group claimed responsibility for the Westgate mall attack. It said it was retaliation for the presence of Kenyan soldiers in southern Somalia. Terror problem not only lay with government but also members of public who should clearly play a role in helping the security agencies tackle the terrorism. On November 8, a strong typhoon smashed into the islands of Philippines, killing at least 6,102 people, with nearly 1800 missing, and 4 million either homeless and the event reminded me of Japan’s Fukushima devastating events two years ago.

On December 5, the world lost South African anti-apartheid hero Nelson Mandela, who died at his house aged 95 after a prolonged lung infection.In 2014, got plenty of ideas behind my change of how I think about something, change the nature of the thing that I do and expect to do. Nothing is as good as change or bad, but thinking makes it so. I know that it wasn’t an Australian who said that, but that idea of changing as calendar roll is very consistent with the whole human race thinking and beliefs. Not being on Facebook proved that am not one of those allergic to change after a scientific study revealed that fresh minds read (teens and tweens) have no time for it.The year 2013 left me asking myself if it’s actually become acceptable that those of us who buy hard copies of books and newspapers and pay a fortune for the old fashioned way of music collection are rudimentary and out of sense with trends worldwide. If that is the case, I prefer being a dinosaur. But, I do not accept that it is universally acceptable to talk to everyone online. To me, that is part of new generation delusional denial of what civilized socializing is about. I do believe that I have a right to chose my friends irrespective of age, gender and race unlike the fact that I can’t chose my neighbor.As 2014 begin, have a belief of mastery in whatever you want plan to do this year and instead of unworkable resolutions, Contador Harrison think you should wish for immortality and the desire not to suffer, that your life has capability to yield results and when they yield they’re going to be yielded to you. Happy 2014 Folks!

Contador Harrison