Machine learning will benefit Africa

Posted on August 8, 2017 12:00 am

African start up will benefit from machine learning going forward according to the latest research on the continent’s status in the field of machine learning, a branch of computer science that develops algorithms to help us make sense of data. Increasingly, these algorithms are finding applications in systems that need to make predictions based on uncertain or incomplete information.Companies need to pay attention to artificial intelligence and machine learning because the technologies will enable them to take solutions and scale them at a speed they have never had before, according to the data available to your blogger.The research emphases the need for start ups to understand the theoretical foundations of how machines learn, their guarantees and limitations, and the relationship between different approaches to learning. The research recommend that African start ups work should be applied to data-rich areas such as social networking, understanding and interpreting images and natural language, biomedical applications, and economic modelling.Also, they should conduct independent research as well as collaborative investigations with other academic and industry groups from Africa and overseas. Highlights of of the research include the understanding images and analysing large amounts of social media content to reveal laws of community behaviour, developing theory of learning objectives and their relationship to optimisation algorithms as well as discovering new methods to understand complex patterns in static and time series data.The authors of the report believes that dvancing machine learning technologies will help African population and organisations make better decisions.

Researchers basically believes that every start-up and solution in Africa should enjoy machine learning.They are looking at how to take African countries learnings specifically around machine learning, experiment with them and see what makes start-ups successful.They hold the view that the industry will be disrupted by artificial intelligence and machine learning in the next couple of years and there is need to have that knowledge available for start-ups all over Africa.In their recommendation, they ask those building start-ups in Africa they need to be aware how machine learning and artificial intelligence could help with their product development.A South African financial start up is quoted as an example how its business model will make thousands of highly paid jobs obsolete. It claims that by using algorithms and automation instead of people, they can provide better financial advice at a cheaper price.Some jobs, particularly in the financial services sector, don’t add value.South Africa’s financial services employs about 8 per cent of the country’s total workforce and the start up believes a lot of those jobs are unnecessary. For example a lot of research analysts, stock pickers, stockbrokers have no end value for the consumer.The authors say technology behind digital currencies known as blockchain will seriously shake up the industry. Blockchain and distributive ledger technology, if it plays out the way people expect it to, the technology can be used for smart invoicing or auditing processes.People may not realise that they are already seeing some jobs disappear, for some jobs are being restructured because of automation and digitisation.

Contador Harrison