Living with haters

Posted on December 26, 2017 12:55 am

None of us can claim they are loved by everyone, we all have those people who hate us, and for some, if given a chance, they can kill those they hate. But thats how human being are. That led to ask myself why do some people treat others with such cruelty and why are they given permission to do so with impunity?Some people’s behavior masks a failure our societies dare not admit to. Few days ago, a friend shared how hurts her to have a friend turn against her after she recently found out someone she thought was a close friend was not really who she thought was. In fact, she feels that same as some romantic relationships benefit from parting ways, friendships can equally benefit from such. In her case, she decided to drive from Sydney to Melbourne to confront the friends that completely ended their friendships. She believes that there is no need to entertain urges to get revenge or hold grudges with her friend and best way was to forgive those that do her wrong, as long as she doesn’t have to carry the burden of anger.Her story confirmed everything many stuff I have thought for a long time. Most people are clearly just a bunch of haters who want to punish those they hate for the sake of punishing them. No matter how harsh they are, whether it is being jealous or locking their brains in the casino of hatred, all haters want to do is hurt people more and more.Clearly the question I always seek answers is ‘why’? It is the question your blogger, amongst many others, have been asking for generations and there’s absolutely no answer for it. Why are we so disposed to hate people? Why are some people so determined to treat other people so cruelly?

Looking into it however, I cannot help but think that am asking the wrong question. Because when I asked the question to a friend in Brisbane, ‘why do some people hate others’, the only response she came up with is ‘its a career for most haters, its in-born’. As we exchanged thoughts with the Sydneysider, we looked at some evidence. For example, if I look around me, I can see that whilst of course haters exists in some of the people i know, it is hard to find it to be the only or even the overwhelming cause of their negativity directed towards me. One of them hates me because I’m not religious, despite his efforts to convince me to be a member of church he goes, I’ve never never had negative energy on him but boy, the dude dislikes me. In fact when I reviewed the book about Freemasons, he confronted me with an email saying i need prayers, divine intervention and all that kind shit that is uttered by so called holier than thou folks.There’s no doubt general hatred is clearly part of the picture when it comes to friends, foes and even family members. But I just don’t think it paints a full picture at all. If we are so tolerant, why do continue to treat those that are despised with such cruelty, and then nothing is done to them.Those behaviors are defined primarily by the personal needs of haters to create distractions for their failures in life, thats why the poor people hate the rich. In my view those who hate others, are a bunch of buffoons who seek to displace social insecurity into a defence of personal brand in the form of ‘individual ego’, in the process shifting blame for their social ills onto an external others whose livelihoods and cohesion is beyond their imagination.Haters most suffer from economic insecurity, which we all know now is on the rise, some have used non locals as scapegoats to deal with their economic failures, just need to look at United States over the last fifteen years to get a clear picture of my argument. To those haters who hate others, let me give u advise, shielding yourself from the economic concerns you face today by hating others won’t help.My view is that you should taps into the values of compassion and channel your energies from negativity to positivity. You also need to target the real causes of the problems you face, get real and stop being a hater!

Contador Harrison