Living with dogs relieves stress

August 15, 2015

Contador Harrison got a six month old Rottweiler from a neighbor recently.””Yes,Contador Harrison love dogs.I have two of them at home,””,keeping my eyes on the felines.Contador Harrison is not the only person in the bustling hood to take dogs into their lives. Have a Turkish friend who keeps five German shepherds and two Pitbul.Rossana, a mother of three, had a Rottweiler from 2014 until it died of leukemia three weeks ago.According to Rossana, the canine got leukemia after attacking an abandoned cat in the neighborhood. Michael Reeve, 24, an employee of a local television station, takes care of two cats. “”Now, I only have two cats. Years ago, I had five,”” Michael said, adding that her parents, brothers and sisters are all cat lovers.Many people take time out of their busy lives to spend taking care of pets. Some of them say that keeping pets is fun, while others say that playing with pets helps relieve stress after work.The pets could be cats, dogs, turtles or birds. In a few cases, there are people who nurture Lizards, snakes or even crocodiles. A small girl who visited a local pet store with her Italian father yesterday afternoon went home with two tiny turtles and a tortoise.The girl looked pretty happy, although she was afraid to touch the tortoise.It is quite easy to get pets in urban areas like where your blogger resides as long as wildlife authorities can permit. In the neck of the woods, a one-month-old Rottweiler puppy sells for $200 and a Persian cat for $120 while a three months old German shepherd goes for $300.

Rossana who refers to me as the dog man, takes in abandoned puppies from around her house, while Reeve bought her Rottweiler from a local pet store.Most pet stores not only sell animals, but also food, toys, vitamins and shampoos.They do also provide treatments for pets.One British woman who wanted her female cat to get pregnant came to the pet shop and consulted with a shop attendant, who said the process cost $450. That seems to be the most unusual service available at the shop but was informed its one of the most lucrative business in the hood.Of course, this service does not interest others, who raises abandoned cats,puppies and the likes.””I could just take in more abandoned puppies from the street if I wanted to. But for me, two puppies is already enough,””Agnatha, working with an international organisations revealed to me after we met at the local pet shop adding that all two of the puppies were female.According to Rossana, she has been taking care of puppies since she was a kid.Usually, she plays with the puppies after work or on holidays. Like her, Contador Harrison also likes to play with his dogs when he gets home from work.For me, they are like friends.I can play around with them.Playing with dogs helps relieve my stress after work and as I argued yesterday, stress management is important for our health.After all, they are man’s best friend.

Contador Harrison