Like ‘sandwich generation’ millennials should take care of aging parents

Posted on January 29, 2014 05:57 pm

Being a millennia generation does not mean Contador Harrison will neglect his relatives who are aging given the expectations our static juice pruning folks, I have failed to understand why we are marginalizing certain persons in our day to day lives. Recently a blud who has made me hate marriage with a passion caved in to his wife demands by depositing his mother and father in a home for the aged, a move that annoyed me. The same wife has her aged parents being taken care of in the same environ but the foolish man trashed his biological parents to the aging dustbin. As a bloke brought up in urban life, I know it is not even a matter of the requirements of work, but a result of pure selfishness that led this 38 year old friend (I told him I will write about his case) to think that aging people are a bother in the home, they bring limitations and even to some buffoons odor smell. Oh, give me a break! Unless one is a duffer, we all know that there are families who have no alternatives.

Like during winter like seen in the video below is when our old folks need us more.

Some use their freely acquired common sense and make an effort to visit their aging folks during holidays and those capable do so every now and then over the weekends. However, majority of millennial generation have no time even to take their own homes or even spare even an hour to entertain their aging parents but have the whole weekend to womanize and booze. If your that type shame on you and sit on it. Yesterday, a friend of mine took me with him to visit a home for the aged and got a chance to some senior citizens about their biological children and the answers I got shocked me. If you have an aging parent, kindly find some human heart in you and take care of them. No matter, parents are irreplaceable and most of them sacrificed their lives to ensure you ate, got educated, who cleaned up your poo and list is endless. I found most millennial generation types have no love at all with their aging parents and this is very painful to those of us who cares. We as the Millennial generation have to do everything possible to preserve our centuries old dignity bolstered by the religious spirit of acknowledging the aging people among us and unless you are illiterate there is no way we would know about past life memories of our humanity, states, culture, traditions family and even modern and medieval religion. Think twice before sending your mother or father to old care facilities.

Contador Harrison