Life is full of Leeches

Posted on July 28, 2015 08:09 am

Irrespective of where we go in life,there are leeches and am not talking about the parasite that lives in quaggy waters, or the carnivorous or bloodsucking aquatic or terrestrial worms typically having a sucker at each end.The type of hirudinean I’m referring to, is the one we come into contact with on a daily basis.Simply put,they are the human types.Just like bloodsuckers in animals, they exist on the goodwill of others, never thinking for a moment they are causing all manner of misery.Have you heard of a person who goes to coffee shop with others and after drinking several cups of coffee says they only had one cup.Imagine a person who just orders a cup of coffee and then proceeds to trough everyone else’s snack. It’s never clear when we first meet such people that they are of the free-loading variety. Just like the jungle parasites, it takes a while before you feel the bite, and by then they’re almost impossible to get rid of. Go to the holiday island of Zanzibar, a blud says, and you will see many leeches on the beaches.They take the form of the beach boy whose mission in life is to dry up food, money and anything else that’s going,he said.Some months ago, I had the misfortune of working with a leech who stuck tome from the word go.

After learning what Contador Harrison do,he immediately supposed we would be the best of friends as his interests lies squarely on the same technology sector.But the next few months,it got so bad that one morning I was forced to switch off my phone for several hours, dreading another leeching.His idea of our supposed friendship was not founded on typical friendship values.Everything was purely for his selfish gain.In a coffee shop,I was left to pick up the tab after he suddenly said had no change (meaning no local currency). Nobody minds paying for others on occasion,except when it happens all the time or in a manner that raises suspicion.Meeting this fellow few months down the line, I told him my resolution was not to aide or abet him in any form from now onwards.Few minutes later, saw the end of that resolve when he informed me that he hadn’t changed any of his cash into dollars and asked me for taxi money. However, he gradually came to the understanding that he couldn’t continue his sponging habits.At least he’s gotten over it to some extent, even if he does carry a pocket calculator to figure what he owes on coffee shop bills, even down to his share of the service charge.

Then there was another friend who was the epitome of a leech. In 2013, I knew and worked with him,he never once paid for restaurant bills shared with me or other friends. It became a joke among us that each time the coffee arrived at the table the first thing we would hear was:”I don’t seem to have any cash with me“. A blud who knew him but currently works with him in France, told me how the same bloke frequently leave bars without paying for his drinks, leaving others to foot the bill. And worse luck, he happened to be holed-up in a house in Paris with some friends.Two weeks ago,the person who houses the bloke in Paris suburbs went to the supermarket to purchase food.When he arrived back at the house,he informed the leech that there was no more food available for a few days, so he could share what he had purchased. No sooner uttered, than he began plowing his way through the purchases.Soon there was nothing left, and for a few days they had to content with pot noodles while he made mouth watering dishes just for himself.

Research shows that leeches do not limit their sponging only to pecuniary matters.There are also the emotional leeches and these are people who manipulate or create emotions on which they thrive.Leeches love crises and conflicts and if they see a chink in someone’s armor they go straight for it and jam it open because they don’t make friends easily.They ensure that with the few friends they do have that there is a common enemy. They milk situations for all they are worth and constantly drive wedges between relationships.Why does Contador Harrison put up with people such as this? Why is Contador Harrison so polite when others are not? And why are those who are rude and whose manners are from the medieval so unaware of their shortcomings.The other day I decided to take the bull by the horns and informed a leech in the neck of the woods of his shortcomings.He altogether flipped, accusing me of being a stingy, cold-hearted individual fucking bustard.This is always the case with parasites.Like alcoholics and chain smokers, they never admit to having a problem and always turn it on its head to accuse the accuser of having the problem.Reasoning has no place with these people.They think the society owes them a living.If there is one thing leeches are good at it’s assessing their worth and whether others should pay up.

Generally most of them tend to have rather high opinions, thinking themselves superior to others. Normal people don’t behave like the Kim Kardashian, nor would they want to, but to these leeches such behavior is their birthright.It’s just about bearable if a blud is a leech, but I sympathize with those in a relationship or are even married to leeches. A close friend living in Sydney is in this situation.A handsome, smart, savvy young man,he allows a bloodsucker to take him for everything he possesses.As he works all the hours God sends, she rests at home drinking beer, watching porno flicks, spending his cash and sleeping with as many other men as possible.She has no intention of ever working as life is served up to her by her husband. Friends mutter behind his back that he is nuts to have married this sloth as she is literally sucking the blood out of him.I have been wondering what leads people to act like this? It doesn’t come down to money as these people tend to save most of theirs and frequently have more than others. Perhaps it’s to do with their upbringing. Possibly their parents didn’t provide all they wanted, leaving them to evolve into free-loaders.Me believes most of them think people are incontrovertible suckers and why not take what they can get anyway.Avoid leeches as much as you can!

Contador Harrison