Leveraging the power of mobile devices in business

Posted on July 29, 2014 07:52 am

Businesses need to grasp the potential of mobile devices and for that matter even the constraints of mobile. There’s no looking back with mobile and it has changed the way we communicate forever and it is also changing the way business is being conducted now and for our future generations. The way forward is for businesses to embrace the mobile revolution responsibly then deliver engaging user experiences on secure platforms, for any application, on any device and around any data. While a mobile provides the efficiency of location based solutions, the size of the device is not suited to long, busy web pages that make browsing inconvenient. While designing for mobile, enterprises need to pay attention to the different kinds of things one can do with a tablet, a phone and a desktop. This starts by identifying the current state of the application and its suitability to the mobile device.  Most web applications are in fact ‘uncool’ and not at all user friendly when viewed in a three to four inch screen device. I always encourage developers that when developing the mobile apps, businesses need to adapt the application to make it more tolerant of the mobile device. A step further would be to weave in a responsive design that makes the app mobile friendly either providing a different application flow or even providing different types of information to the mobile user.

Also for businesses embarking on the mobile channel, it’s about providing a complete end to end user experience. This user experience depends upon a stable back end. Indeed, for businesses, the integration and secure access to backend systems is the most critical aspect. The best approach is to build web application programming interfaces commonly knowns as APIs in the backend.When it comes to connectivity that is consistent and superior, an open backend that can leverage the power of new technology trends such as Internet of Things is increasingly emerging as the platform of choice for enterprises across the board. Convenience offered by the mobile cannot come at the cost of security. Especially with mobile penetration in the retail merchant channel growing rapidly with nearly four in 10 merchants expected to accept mobile payments in 2016. Businesses have recognises the significance of comprehensive security architecture and the need to create strong, stable and secure mobile ecosystems that simplifies compliance and truly exploits the new opportunities that mobile, Cloud and social access have introduced.  Without a doubt, security is the key aspect of an integral mobile experience not merely for the end user but the merchant too. Even within closed corporate networks, the mobile device looms as a significant security threat in light of the fact that mobile devices caused more critical data leakages than employee fraud, phishing attacks and corporate espionage combined.

Contador Harrison