Leave me alone, am not a masher

Posted on April 14, 2014 12:28 am

It is not uncommon for intoxicated patrons to chase wench world over but in the most morally upright societies of Africa the situation is changing rapidly. Having visited more than a dozen countries in the continent, it’s no longer rare to see too drunk blokes and dolly birds walk up by themselves from as early as 7pm. In most circumstances drunken patrons are considered a constant danger to the public in and outside the club but African countries have different set of laws that make it difficult for law enforcement agencies to tackle the increasing cases of alcohol addiction that have led to rise in the number of commercial sex workers. This evening I witnessed an intoxicated patron who tried to grab me at local gas station supermarket, inappropriately touching me in full glare of shocked members of the public who were around. In most parts of the world, as soon as darkness descends, dozens of scantily clad ladies emerge under neon signs and hover around the entrances of their establishments I was fuelling at a local gas station through and afterwards decided to enter the mini shop nearby. When I heard unfamiliar whisperer calling me out coyly, “Darling,” “would you mind a cup of coffee, you’ll have a good time, I promise. For those gray haired men and women reading this coffee means sex. Absolutely disgusted with such overtures, I squalled her to take a walk and f*** off! Unfortunately, this is the new reality facing many men world over with “flesh sellers” now packed everywhere.  Basically, the lady tried anything you can imagine in a split of a second but security guards who grabbed her, rescued this blogger from jaws of doll ruthlessly as she was shameless on an uninterested shopper called Contador Harrison.

The Gas station attendant told me they target any person who has alien accent and their station is sandwiched by plenty of the women who according to him makes “hungry hyenas” as men soliciting for sex are know to frequent the place and hence additional businesses. Our customers for gas and mini shop have
 complained of harassment and touting to me many times but the law enforcement belongs to management and they have shown little interest in tackling the vice. We as staff have lodged
 complaints, but still nothing is being done, and we feel helpless,” said 
the pump attendant, who has been operating there for the past 
two years. Contador: “Things weren’t so bad
 in the past, but many of our clients come after work and get solicited
 by these girls. Think of the irony of the situation, it is just not
 professional.” I asked if their business has been affected since not all who need gas come there with mission to hunt the skirts, he revealed that he has 
spoken to owners to make sure the girls leave 
gasoline buyers alone but have so far fallen on deaf ears. “Right now, we have got both the gas station and the coffee shop, but you 
can’t blame them. For the landlords and gas station it is just another commercial
 decision” That means landlords look for what would earn them the highest
 rental yield, and care less about the image of the area. “It is a vicious circle,” and  “Once a few such areas gain 
momentum, it creates a niche by itself and other operators are prepared
 to fork out more to get in on the action.” Most of the clientele are male and girls roaming around mostly were wearing tube tops, short skirts and
 fishnet stockings, parking themselves outside the mini shop in groups of two or three. That said, the reality is that those running businesses have little they can do bearing in mind it always takes 
two to tango. What the girls and the customers do is their business and is of less importance to me. However, it is such
a turn off to be harassed by cash hungry women who things everyone is a masher and that means I will have to avoid the gas station altogether now to avoid such an embarrassment again.

Contador Harrison