Kristina Keneally likely to win Bennelong

Posted on December 13, 2017 12:22 am

Former Premier of New South Wales, Kristina Keneally is a woman on a mission. A member of the Australian Labor Party, she is likely to win the battle for Bennelong as her main rival John Alexander has lost the lead in the race as the latest newspoll shows a 50-50 split in two-party preferred votes for Sydney seat.Joe Alexander who was forced to resign over dual British citizenship concerns earlier this year is likely to lose to Keneally, a well known New South Wales political figure.A friend of your blogger who lives in that area says she believes the public in Bennelong cares about the personalities of the candidates in the election battle between the two more than their performances.Her views showed that candidates’ personalities are what people care about the most and said its hard to find out what people will prioritize in choosing a candidate. In Bennelong most people usually evaluate candidates based on their personalities while others base opinions of candidates from performances.When I asked her what categories in the personalities Kristina Keneally that will likely win her election, she was quick to say that sociability, politeness, humaneness, firmness works well for her and when it comes to John Alexander, experience in administration, democratic leadership works for him. More people in Bennelong show sociability is a priority for them in electing government officials.Although its hard to demonstrate that personalities are a determining factor in the Saturday election as per her views, attributing such to how the local and national media discusses the two candidates’ personalities more frequently than their performances gives credence to her views. However, none of those candidates should be confident until the polls are closed, the votes are counted and the result in.

An analyst based in Sydney whom your blogger spoke to yesterday said the electoral process in Bennelong will not only affect the area but also the national political process.Whoever wins the election will change political play at the national level, but the race is more than electoral politics because Joe Alexander, a double minority with his British descent background, has opened a pandora’s box of dirty politics.The outcome of the Bennelong by-election is likely to be decided by the Asian community as voters choose whether they want the Liberal Party’s John Alexander or Labor’s Kristina Keneally to represent them.A key influence on the result will be the Chinese-Australian population who reside in the area after last years census showed 21 per cent of Bennelong residents have Chinese ancestry and over 13 per cent hailed from China. According to my friend, what will matter is how each party sells their plans on education and economy.The Bennelong election has paved the way for public debate on the meaning of diversity, tolerance and democracy in Australia, with each camp claiming their own definition and concept after this week resignation of Iranian-Australian senator Sam Dastyari. While public debate online and offline has shown robust discussion, has the hullabaloo meant anything to Australian democracy?A political scientist from the University of Sydney offered his insight about how the electoral process in Bennelong by election would improve Australia’s democracy, or not.He said the Bennelong election showed democracy was merely treated as a process of electing a leader. “It is only a vehicle for Bennelong voters to voice their choice of leader, and convince others to choose the same one,” Professor said yesterday as she spoke to your blogger. Democracy, she said, should be about mapping common problems, voicing collective needs, aggregating Bennelong residents’ interests, or a tool in which Bennelong residents demanded what they should get and should not get from their leaders.

Contador Harrison