Kaspersky Report: Cyber criminals targeting gamers

Posted on February 17, 2013 06:06 pm

Kaspersky Security Network recorded 7,000 attempts to infect gaming machines around the world every day in 2012. Gamers on average receive 10 e-mail messages with malicious links and attachments, in addition to roughly 500 attempts to infect their machines via browser-based attacks. The network also detected malicious programs targeting online games increasing at a rate of 5,000 new programs a day. The favored tactic for the world of online games still remains social engineering and phishing in particular.Cyber criminals often invoke names well known in gaming worlds to lure gamers to fake websites in order to harvest passwords for gaming accounts. The hackers then steal avatars and in-game items to sell the virtual goods for real money. Kaspersky Lab recorded 15 million attempted visits to phishing websites designed to look like one of the largest developers of online games, in 2012.

The company’s malware expert Sergey Golovanov suggests gamers adhere to simple code of Internet conduct to protect themselves by being alert when receiving e-mail messages featuring, for example, a request from an online game’s admin server for personal information about your account or an authorization offer under some pretext.Users are advised not to just click on the links right away as they could be phishing sites and should not download unofficial patches from dubious sources and you could easily end up downloading a ‘bonus’ in the form of a Trojan that would then infiltrate your system and start stealing all of your passwords. They are urged to consider keeping an up to date virtual debit card that limit spending to an amount one choose with no risk of someone else cleaning out the account. Cybercriminals are just that some of them can outsmart even the most cautious user with simple tricks, according to Sergey. That is why installing professional security solutions with features like malicious programs detection and blocking is a must.

Contador Harrison