Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Business

Posted on March 18, 2013 08:54 am

The latest Kaspersky’s Endpoint Security for Business solution comes with a number of new and improved technologies that allow IT administrators to see, control, and protect from a single console and simplifies security for enterprises of all sizes. KESB has a Mobile Security and Device Management component that the Russian security firm claim is the answer to bring your own device trend among employees. The solution allows IT administrators to secure and protect confidential data even on the employees’ personal smartphones and tablets. The solution also includes management tools that automate time-consuming tasks like operating system installation, network inventory, system provisioning, remote administration and license management.

Agent application is installed on the devices to keep corporate data separate and encrypted. If the devices are stolen, companies will be able to remotely wipe out the corporate data. Enterprises can also establish custom policies with dynamic white listing for removable storage devices such as thumb drives and printers using the Endpoint Control Tools. Also, web policies can be established for each device so that the employee can browse the Web safely for both corporate and home networks. The solution ships with the company’s anti-malware software, which offers signature based protection, proactive protection and cloud assisted security to deliver multiple layers of defense for the customers’ business. It is a well-designed and fully integrated solution that makes sense for the Kaspersky’s and provides better protection to the organizations using the solution. The KESB solution is available in several base configurations with modular and expandable components.

Contador Harrison