Jessica Mauboy’s dazzling role in Secret Daughter

Posted on May 4, 2017 12:00 am

A talented singer, Jessica Mauboy is one of my must listen singer weekly and I have all her albums. But as I wrote in 2015 that she’s destined for great success musically, last year she took her acting to another level thanks to Secret Daughter which yours truly has been able to watch all the six series. Secret Daughter which premiered on Channel Seven Network in Australia last October, is refreshing and unique. Mauboy who got her start on Australian Idol and went on to star in the hugely popular film The Sapphires has seen her personality and brand grow in leaps and bounds for past couple of years. Although she debut her feature film career in Bran Nue Dae seven years ago, her role as country pub singer, portrayed in secret daughter is stem winding to say the least. Her acting is faultless and those of us who recall her winning award for best supporting actress for The Sapphires, will no doubt agree that beyond singing, the gorgeous gal has what it takes to be a super actor. An actress must be convincing in her role and accurately portray elements such as time and emotion to the audience and thats exactly what Darwin native does. As the Secret Daughter, Jessica Mauboy aka Billie Carter, was created for her to play as an indigenous country pub singer who lands in the city after crossing paths with a rich Sydneysider hotelier trying to find his lost child. Watching Secrete Daughter, I see a great actress so convincing in a role that she can hold an audience captive and make them feel as if there is nothing but the story at hand. As a young actress, Mauboy’s in Secret Daughter shows she’s committed to becoming the best actress she can be, as well as to working hard. One of the key elements of her success is confidence she exhibits in her work and portrays that confidence in Secret Daughter. The fact that she’s first Indigenous face to play the lead role of a drama series for a commercial television network in Australia, her achievements are incredible.The set design is lovely and the musical scenes were very well acted and shot.

Jessica Mauboy's The Secret Daughter
Jessica Mauboy’s The Secret Daughter

In the set up, Billie Carter, the country pub singer meeting Jack Norton, a wealthy hotelier from Sydney who has travelled to the country looking for his long lost daughter is fascinating. At one point i was eager to know whether Billie Carter was that daughter Jack was scanning for but on the downside Jack has his own inadequately entitled white family and it became clear there were two cultures set up. Mauboy has great sincerity on the Secret Daughter and seems to have a strong natural sense for bringing conversation to life, a great actress who has keen insight into human behaviour and effectively conveyed the emotion that influences one’s culture. No doubt Mauboy is a great actress who has skill in physical movement and in Secret Daughter she is able to portray the movements of a variety of characters. Mauboy also confirms her great acting skills by working with a wide variety of people and is highly professional in all situations especially with Jack Norton.Her musical performances are also incredibly awesome and to me, they looked very interesting including The Clash’s Should I Stay Or Should I Go, Primal Scream’s Rocks, Ed Sheeran’s Photograph, Cold Chisel’s Flame Trees, Crowded House’s Better Be Home Soon and The Easybeats Good Times among others, and hey, Tainted Love is there too.Overall, when it comes to music, the Secret Daughter has a back in the days driven soundtrack which strikes a chord with your musically addicted blogger.Thanks to her immense success in Secret Daughter, Mauboy last October became the first indigenous artist to debut at number one on the ARIA album charts. Mauboy’s Secret Daughter album featured songs she performed in the show.She also does show tremendous respect to the craft overall and am looking forward for season 2 eager to find out what happens next with Billie and Jamie and the rest of them.I loved it very much and am looking forward to the next episode later this year. I love Mauboy, her singing and her role bring Secret Daughter story to life and great entertainment. Mauboy is definitely a star and thats what a great actress has, natural talent for performing and entertaining. No wonder she’s toured with Beyonce and sang at the Eurovision song contest in Copenhagen two years ago.

Contador Harrison