Jasmine Yarbrough suits Karl Stefanovic

Posted on February 2, 2018 12:22 am

Since Karl Stefanovic went public with his new girlfriend, model and shoe designer Jasmine Yarbrough,a beautiful woman who has a glow that issues forth, plenty has been said and written about her. The Brisbane-born designer is said to have met Stefanovic aboard a lavish boat cruise in December 2016 in the US where Stefanovic spent time with her. Jasmine Yarbrough is a woman who has a distinctive personality, one who can laugh as seen in some of the images shared online, including with Karl Stefanovic, and one who is especially kind and caring to others. I view Jasmine Yarbrough as a woman, who above all else, knows the value of having fun, and not taking life too seriously. Jasmine Yarbrough is a woman that Karl Stefanovic can trust and count on to brighten his day. From the look of things, Jasmine Yarbrough is a woman who can inexplicably make Karl Stefanovic feel really good just by being around her. That, in my argument makes her a perfect choice for The Today show host.Jasmine Yarbrough is known to be one of the brains behind fashion brand Mara & Mine which creates the luxury slip-on shoes that have become must-have footwear for stars including Australian film star Margot Robbie. The chance of them getting married is almost a foregone conclusion especially after on Monday this week,Karl Stefanovic shared a snap of a blissful Yarbrough as she clutched a giant sequin balloon.”Happy birthday beauty,” he captioned the snap of her. However, fans took notice of what appeared to be a diamond ring worn on that finger.”There’s a rock on her finger!!!!!” wrote one follower.”What an amazing rock! Close up please!!” another commented.Added another: “So happy for the both of you love.” There is no doubt Karl Stefanovic knows his lady is absolutely stunning, radiant, attractive and eye catching. Jasmine Yarbrough is woman who turns heads like swivel chairs.

Jasmine Yarbrough with Karl Stefanovic on a picture she shared on her instagram

A Network Nine staff told your blogger, her colleague and The Today Show host is undoubtedly excited about Jasmine Yarbrough.I had a chat with her yesterday, a friend since high-school days and conversation between us revolved around reminiscing about what could have led TV presenter’s dumping Cassandra Thorburn, what was happening with their respective lives and the proposed marriage.Sydney based friend said conversation about relationship and marriage involving the two has become a staple discussion whenever she go out with her Network Nine colleagues who are in their 20s and 30s. The constant chatter about it prompts her to wonder why the two are under so much pressure to get hitched.Out of frustration, she recently asked one of her male colleague about it and this is what she said to her, “There’s this stigma surrounding men who are divorced by the age of 40s being labeled as ‘unmanageable’ or ‘bad lemon’.It saddened her to hear his answer because it underlies the message that for me to be respected, despite how hard they’ve worked to make a living, or no matter how well educated they are, you’re still a failure if you don’t get yourself a wife. But Karl Stefanovic and Thorburn have three kids together named Jackson, Ava, and River, so no one can accuse him of failure.Jasmine Yarbrough has demonstrated that beauty is being brave. Most women of her calibre knows that being beautiful is simply beyond being beautiful to the outside world and in her case Karl Stefanovic. It’s about being beautiful and truthful to herself. In this case,Jasmine Yarbrough has handled the rumours about her previous relationship perfectly, spoke of her new partner with passion which makes her more beautiful. After all, Karl Stefanovic is old enough to know Jasmine Yarbrough love is not about the clothing, the hair, the make-up but about the way her smile radiates warmth in him. Everything about Jasmine Yarbrough is mesmerizing and everything about her redefines perfect. She has to ability to make Karl Stefanovic forget how to breathe, making her the perfect pick for the Nine Network’s bloke.

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