iTunes 11 review

Posted on November 29, 2012 10:18 am

I have just downloaded iTunes 11 and am impressed with neat feature i’ve found while fiddling around. The AirPlay popup panel allowed me to easily select and control the volume of multiple AirPlay devices just once. It’s also now accessible from the MiniPlayer. I am now able to control the volume from a window. The overall design is closer to that of the iTunes Store, with a revised version of the Grid layout as the primary means of displaying the library. The left-side pane displaying library folders, playlists and attached devices such as an iPod has been wiped out. The first thing I noticed when I clicked after launching it is that it’s so much faster than previous version.Also, switching between the music library and movies or podcasts is now achieved through a popup menu on the left end of the tab bar while when connected to iPhone and iPad is appears on the right, next to the iTunes Store button. iTunes’ mini-player has also been reworked, making it possible to choose content without returning to the main display. It also incorporates the up next feature. Up next looks like an easier way to see which songs are cued up to play and to insert a song at the head of that list.

The new library view allows how to watch music, TV shows, and movies, and allows to click on the category of content that I want to browse while expandable album view now allows to track listings for individual albums and at the same time I can browse my music library. The MiniPlayer makes it easy to control music with a small toolbar and one can skip to the next song or search for something new to play without having to open library. When I attached the iPhone, I was abled to add music manually by dragging and dropping a song, album or playlist. Am also impressed that iTunes 11 is still supporting podcasts and Internet radio while it has the overall greyness I’ve come to expect from Apple, at least the pop-up menu for switching between content categories such as Music and Podcasts uses coloured icons. In my opinion, Apple must have completely rewritten the app to get these results and the app feels fresher and easier to navigate because of drop down menus.

Contador Harrison