Is polygamy an excuse to commit sexual injustice?

Posted on September 18, 2014 11:10 pm

You may assume that Contador Harrison’s has no moral authority to comment on marriage by the fact that he’s still a bachelor.However, he’s one those who detest polygamy. But whether we like it or not, polygamy is a reality that human beings have to live with.To dinosaurs of our societies, it is only suited to the classical antiquity and to others Italian Renaissance. Studies across the World have shown that polygamous marriages leave trails of destruction in the form of neglected women, men and children.To moralists, the picture of polygamous marriage is that of a prosperous bloke but the fact is that many men in both lower and middle economic groups marry second wives or keep girlfriends so that they will contribute to the economic maintenance of their polygamous families. In a 2010 Australian men survey, more than half of respondents said they resorted to physical abuse when their wives disobeyed them. Instead of being part of the solution, it is part of the problem. In Africa case, women and children are treated unfairly, due to chauvinistic laws that have disadvantaged women. Me thinks that a law requiring males to fulfil certain conditions before taking a second wife including the financial capabilities and a guarantee of equal treatment of the wives need to be in place otherwise polygamies harm the existing wife or wives. I do believe that additional marriage was is a pure waste of time and resources and has justifications whatsoever as it directly and indirectly lower the existing wives’ and dependents’ standard of living.

So why cant the whole World ban polygamy? The reality is that it removes the sanctity of marriage and scientifically it is known to fails both men and women involved.Modern successful women are too “advanced” for the monogamous marriage market that is still popular with rusty grizzly types.Over the hill only hope of raising a family is only through multiple wives. In my generation of millennials,the educated have reduced their dependence on men as the oldish women unwittingly succumb to the likelihood of polygamous marriages.Modern women have had the change to challenge the traditionalists.In Africa, it takes immense courage for women to stand up to unfair and unequal treatment by their male partners. Few, if any, would dare to do so because it is a mark of disloyalty. More importantly, it would be seen as going against African culture and traditions. Being single, divorced or widowed is often considered disgraceful all over Africa. This stigma provides impetus to seek respect in polygamous marriages and there are cases where in certain tribes men inherit their deceased brothers wives. As an ageing bloke, I hold the views that women should not be forced to be a second wife. They have an array choices to make.There are plenty of Contador Harrison out there.

Women have a right to say “No” because polygamy is perpetuated by women because there would be no polygamy if no woman agreed to be a polygamous wife.The myth promoting polygamy across the World is that there is a surfeit of women and for every man, there are supposedly ten women. In Australia, more women than men may exist in the over-70 group because women outlive men.Boffins told us in 1980s that polygamy would reduce prostitution, adultery and divorce rates, but the estimated single mothers below the age of 40 puts that idea to shame. Add those deserted by their husbands and the numbers are mind boggling.Polygamy is supposedly effective in controlling promiscuity, but does it? In Western world, where brothels abound, the majority of HIV-positive people are drug users. But in Africa, single polygamous women marry within their small social circle of equally destitute people and become infected with HIV. In Nigeria, Kenya and India as well as South Africa, housewives now constitute the largest single group of HIV-infected people and it is climbing rapidly.No wonder the four are the World’s leading HIV AIDS affected countries.Apart from buffoons, all of us know that drug use and unprotected sex are the routes of infection. But airheads are ignorant about HIV testing and others falsely believe that condom use is ungodly and unacceptable. Polygamy is flawed and should be outlawed all over the World.Those who believe to the contrary should know it has no place in a modern societies.

Contador Harrison