Internship helps in developing skills

Posted on December 30, 2014 11:42 am

In the next two days, the world will usher in 2015 and the current competitive job-hunting climate is expected to even get tougher.Graduates nowadays need to equip themselves with more than a just perfect undergraduate degree. Enrolling in an internship program, for example, is believed to be one of the best ways to boost a student’s chance of landing a desired job.Interestingly, according to a study conducted last year, taking an internship during college not only increases a student’s chance of landing a job, it also increases their chances of keeping it. Companies are offering a challenging learning environment for students via their internship programs. The entry requirements for the internship program are not that hard. The student must be on his/her last semester of an undergraduate or graduate program at a reputable university, fluency in commonly spoken languages like English, Spanish, French and a positive working attitude, such as being passionate and goal oriented.When Contador Harrison went for internship more than a decade ago, he learned to develop ideas and projects but in 2014, things seems to have changed as a young friend of mine recently told me that his internship included conducting a two-day digital media camp, developing social media quizzes as well as learning to evaluate digital marketing content during my internship.

What I liked the most during my days is how I got to learn all about programming, I also learned how to work more professionally and gain more confidence as well as coding skills. This view was echoed by 25-year-old friend of mine, who also enrolled on an internship program this year and now works for Google in Europe where he joined the digital marketing division and has found it useful in accelerating his professional skills.At Google, an intern gets to experience the real working environment. An intern not only gains a great deal in terms of knowledge and technical skills, they also get to hone their time management and mental skills, as well as their soft skills and people skills,” he remarked during our mail exchanges. At Google, the intern is given a well-defined, allocated role in the blue print and report to a manager and are treated as full-time employees with a specific role and responsibilities, targeted deliverables and rewards and recognition.More importantly, they get to experience how to work with and work for the best talent available in the global market.

They will be instantly ‘upgraded’ to the same level and will graduate from Google as an international talent. Generally, the interns, the responsibilities given are seen as the company’s trust in an individual capabilities.One of the things I loved about being an intern was the trust internship gave me in carrying out a challenging coding task I’d never done before. In today’s digital world, it’s important to be able to work effectively through tele-conferences, emails and phone calls without physical face-to-face communication, but still being able to meet deadlines and deliver high-quality results. Internship program are designed to teach the interns to be passionate about what they do. By knowing how their job impacts the industry, they can be proud of their contribution.The internship taught me how to deal effectively with partners and learned how to collaborate with and support others to generate the best outcome.

Contador Harrison