Internet does not “limit” our access to “fair and balanced information” like mainstream media

Posted on March 30, 2014 05:37 pm

In the Internet age, according to an expert, it has become difficult to determine truth from lies and now that disruptive technologies are expected to adversely affect the mainstream businesses from newspapers to telecom operators, life has tough questions without easy answers that need a balanced, professional or academic review. Contador Harrison disagrees.I spent an hour on Television this morning(the most I can spend per day is two hours) and watched in disbelief as an education expert was trying to expose and explain the grave consequences of today’s Internet participatory in education. Reasoning like a nursery pupil, the so-called expert described how web is threatening the values of society, economic activities, and has already extinguished innovation and creativity that used to form the fabric of any country’s achievement. Such experts fail to appreciate the painful fact that majority among the population want to hear that professional magazines, newspapers among other publishing world products like music and movies are available on apps, online and other electronic platforms. The world has been taken over by aggressive young people who don’t care about ancient quality of Leornado Di Caprio’s Titanic film but the 3D sensation movie titled Avatar. Few care about paid up professional’s generated content but plenty bother on free content.

Theirs is nothing like saying free and user generated content is denying fruits to laborers like authors, artists, journalists who now rely more than ever with bloggers for ideas, musicians who can barely compose a song, editors who cant even edit their love letters, and producers who can barely spot a new Michael Jackson or Al Pacino. Am one of those who don’t care about the crying wolves in television industry that they are under attack from free user-generated programming on YouTube. I wish there can be more of YouTube because pre-YouTube we used to rely on some few individuals called editors on what we can see and not. That is long gone and anyone can literally access any video they want online. Netizens searching for the latest Samsung Galaxy S5 phone clip are spoilt for choices. There are abundantly available on different YouTube accounts. Traditionalists who pray and worship television have barely seen the Koreans company’s latest gem. File sharing and digital piracies were described as the killer of movie and music industry but that has not happened.  In my universe, I envision an online culture in which information is freely downloaded and uploaded, swapped and aggregated. An era where I can do self-broadcast to the world about a certain issue is a culture to be supported and dismissed. I dream of a world where anyone anywhere will be able to share an opinion, however controversial by either publishing a blog, posting a video on YouTube. The Television presenter wanted audience and viewers to portray people like me that we are un-trained and uninformed opinion writers who are dangerous to the present and future generation. I said to myself the expert and presenter can go hang themselves as the 21st century trend wont stagnate because of some few people who wishes the world never change.

It is a human right and guaranteed freedom to write and comment anonymously without limitations and that was the dream of Internet inventors in late 1960s. Professional standards and editorial filters always deny population the juiciest part of the stories. Without popular website we would not have known Tiger Woods juice pruning missions. The mainstream media was used to altering the public debate and manipulate public opinion through political and corporate influence but since the advent of web technologies the truth has become a commodity to be shared instantaneously online through Twitter, Facebook, Google plus and other social networks. Truth is no longer sold, packaged, and reinvented by few individuals in a newsroom. Gone are the days when reliability of the information we received was in the hands of Newspapers, radio, magazines and Television. In fact they have become recyclers of old news just like their defendants. The traditionalist on Tv failed to differentiate between sharing of links and plagiarism. Plagiarists as we know them are working in Newspapers, Tv stations and Radio. I have a friend who can barely write a paragraph on his own yet he works for a national newspaper (I wont mention the country to avoid trouble). Whether sharing links or videos is piracy or not that is none of our generation’s business. Fundamentally, all what we look for is something refreshing, original and creative which they no longer offer us. Offering half-baked and ancient solutions live on Television without second thought on how control of Internet can reignite creative brains in school is a wishful thinking of an ‘illiterate fool’ and not that of a professor or do I call him an education expert?

Contador Harrison