Interactive Television will drive “ad reaction” market

Posted on January 17, 2015 02:50 am

The die was cast long time ago where interactions between mobile and Tv has seen many mobile phone users like to interact with their friends while watching their favorite Television shows, sharing their impressions.To manage fragmented viewers following the advances of online connectivity and media convergence, some analog and digital terrestrial TV operators are adapting a multiscreen strategy.There is no doubt “ad reaction” is the future of television advertising business.In East African region, a new study has revealed that Ugandans, Tanzanians and Kenyans are spending more time on their smartphones at 150 minutes per day, 105 minutes on Tablets, 103 minutes on laptop, and average 74 minutes on Television. According to the study whose copy I’ve, the key reasons for interactions is to discuss what they are watching via social media, to get more details on whats on Television through their mobile devices, to discuss whats going on television via mobile devices and also to follow up on television adverts that they’ve seen.With viewers spending less time in front of TV sets, content providers will have to target mobile devices. What most of the people in the Television industry have failed to understand and appreciate is that TV channels are going to expand and there will be plenty of channels offering wide variety of content but connected media like mobile and social media have also become more diversified.

East African market where digital terrestrial broadcasting and broadband Television are gaining traction, the study has no doubt proved that TV audiences will have much more choices to watch their favourite Television programmes through both TV and mobile screens. The facts that Television owners have failed to confront is that today’s viewers spend less time watching TV. They prefer to stay connected to watch video content they like and share them with their “friends.” According to a different study by a marketing research consultant based in London, Internet users in Kenya spend 3.9, Uganda 1.8 and Tanzania 4.6 hours per day on their mobile phones and devices like Tablets.The good news is that in this new mobile environment, Television is the only other media that commanded a significant share of attention of Internet users in East African region, who watch over one and a half hours of TV every day on average. Some 45 per cent of those who participated in the research study said they switched the set on first thing in the morning, while TV commands the attention of 68 per cent of Internet users in the late evening with prime time in Uganda and Kenya being 7pm and in Tanzania the prime time is 8pm.

The time spent on mobile devices was found to exceed time watching a TV and on average spend only 74 minutes watching TV a day. More than five thirty per cent of urban viewers use at least two devices including a TV, smartphone, tablet and personal computer at the same time and during the same task. Of respondents, 42 per sent said they would discuss what they were watching through social media, 23 per cent wanted to search for more information about what’s on TV via mobile devices, 17.5 per cent liked to interact with what’s happening on TV via mobile devices and 7.5 per cent wanted to follow up on a TV commercial after they had seen it. To survive the cut throat competition, Television broadcasters in the region should deliver their popular TV content across platforms to reach a wider audience and lure advertising budgets from brands and advertisers but at the moment that is not happening. The Interactive mobile app like the one Somocon launched with NTV Uganda third quarter of 2014 would benefit from the changes in the media landscape after the arrival of terrestrial digital TV channels and the expansion of third-generation wireless broadband services.Also, developing online media platform in anticipation of higher traffic of viewers will demand strengthen of Television channels online platforms.Focusing on a four-screen strategy to reach all potential viewers is what will work in East Africa and other developing countries and that include TV, smartphone, tablet and PC which will cater for you and old generations.

Contador Harrison