Intelligent video technology reduces time taken to conduct investigations

Posted on December 27, 2014 06:01 pm

Intelligent video surveillance study has finally ascertained that the technology is reducing the time it takes to conduct investigations.The fact is that intelligent video offers operators to use the video surveillance system more pro-actively by giving early warnings on potential risks. The “intelligence” in intelligent video applications describes the analysis of video images and the automated use of the resulting data.For example, an intelligent network camera supports the operator 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Camera is constantly on guard, waiting for an impulse to start recording or transmitting an alarm to the operator. With cameras and smartphones all over, there is massive amount of video being recorded, but as recent studies have shown only less than 15 per cent are watched or reviewed, due to lack of time.The means events and activities are missed, and suspicious behavior is not noticed in time to prevent incidents.  This has led to the development of intelligent video.  Businesses now have huge wealth of surveillance intelligence that enables them to make smart decisions.With enhancement of traditional video management solutions, intelligent video have reduced risk and time associated with human review by delivering timely alerts and reports of specific relevant activities.In one of the Intelligence video technology I recently came across, the Intelligent video automatically performs an analysis of the captured video.

Interestingly, applications range from analytics like video motion detection and audio detection, to more advanced systems including camera tampering detection, people counting, virtual fences, and vehicle license plate recognition.During my familiarization, I noted that building this sort of analytics into network cameras creates a reliable video surveillance system, that drastically reduces workload.There is massive evidence from research conducted that large-scale video surveillance systems are limited in their effectiveness since it is difficult for operators to keep their eyes on numerous monitors and keep track of every incident. With intelligent video solutions, fewer operators can monitor even very large installations, since those manning will not be required to attentively watch many monitors for hours to notice undesired activity.Instead, the intelligent video system supports and informs operators about, for example, reckless drivers driving about in restricted sections or cars driving the wrong way and in some cases like it happened in a European city recently an attempt to tamper with the video surveillance cameras.

Finding incidents in stored video is extremely time-consuming since the operator has to watch the recorded video. Given the difficulty of searching through stored video, most of it is simply archived and deleted.Video analytics like video motion detection ensures that only relevant video footage is stored, so that when the need arises to search through old recordings, only video that could potentially include the event in question is retrieved. Intelligent video systems that, for example, have tagged the video stream with appropriate labels during recording and automatically search through days of stored video to find the right video footage in a matter of minutes.Intelligent video systems that include video motion detection and audio detection minimize the need for storage space by recording only video that contains activity.Intelligent video applications help build video surveillance systems that are more cost-effective and makes it possible to use video for applications outside of security.A good example, in supermarket stores it can be used for analyzing consumer behavior, such as the number of people stopping by a particular merchandising shelf, or the popular routes through the shop. In airports, an intelligent video system could measure the queue time between entering and exiting a check-in point, helping minimize waiting time for travelers as happened at the new airport terminal at Heathrow Airport. In these and other ways, intelligent video makes it possible to extract greater benefit out of the video surveillance infrastructure, enabling a higher return-on-investment. In Contador Harrison’s opinion,intelligent cameras are going to make video surveillance smarter,accurate, less costly and review of recorded video incredibly fast.

Contador Harrison