Intel devices with human senses coming soon

Posted on June 10, 2013 09:02 am

Microchip manufacturer Intel is investing development of device that can see, hear and feel. Intel is investing in touch applications as well as imaging, gesture, voice and emotional sensing and biometrics. According to Intel Capital Experiences and Perceptual Computing Fund’s the plan is to deliver a natural, immersive and intuitive computing experiences to consumer devices. Devices with human like senses will have the ability to see, hear and feel much like people do. If my memory can serve me well, such kind of technology has long been a part of science fiction. However, it is now within reach given recent innovations in compute power and camera technology. The intention of the fund is to invest in start-ups and companies enabling such experiences, that would help them with the business development support, global business network and technology expertise needed to scale for worldwide use.

Intel has been exploring possibilities of perceptual computing for sometime now. Recently, Intel launched a competition with $1 million in prizes for developers who use Intel’s software development kits for creating innovative applications. The new investment will see the company focus on broader touch applications, imaging, gesture, voice and emotional sensing and biometrics too. The first breakthroughs in these areas, include embedded 3D gesture sensing cameras, contextual voice command and recognition and the use of facial recognition for secure log-ins, are expected to be integrated into Intel-chip-powered computers before the end of this year. Intel and its key OEM partners are hopeful about integrating 3D depth camera technology into the next-generation platforms bringing compelling, natural and immersive experiences to life.

Contador Harrison