ING bank app store

September 11, 2012

ING Group’s international retail banking arm will allow external developers to build and sell products through its customer-facing app store, in a bid to maintain relevance in a web 2.0 World. The initiative would be trialed in France as one of several sub $300,000 pilot projects taking place worldwide, and exported overseas if successful.ING decided to open up a software development kit with open APIs for the development of next-generation apps through an open community of developers. The marketing people and IT people of ING bank don’t know everything and that is why ING IS going to tap in on the creativity and needs of people.

As an ING customer and a good developer,one will have the chance to build an application to meet their demands.ING has also embarked on a range of low-cost, customer-facing projects to avoid lengthy governance processes and boost speed to market.Other projects included allowing customers to access their bank statements from within Facebook through a widget, and a social media analytics tool that allowed bank staff to monitor posts about ING and its competitors.ING has been challenged by the growth of technology firms like Google and Facebook and this move will help it retain clout.

Contador Harrison