Increased defense spending could help tackle insecurity in East Africa

Posted on April 4, 2014 09:36 pm

In the coming years, East African countries should continue to increase their defense budget so that the region’s security posture can be enhanced and become stronger, and so the mission of safeguarding regional territorial integrity be undertaken in an effective way. Allocating new funds will help modernize the region’s weaponry equipment and enhance the welfare of soldiers, their families and other staff members that are mandated legally to protect East Africans. Increased funding will enable the security forces to continue rejuvenation and modernization efforts, improving the quality of maintenance and the readiness of weaponry systems that will help neutralize the terror elements that continues to threaten one of the most beautiful region in the world. Security experts have long held a view that efforts to modernize, develop, replace and maintain weaponry equipment are very important to produce a high deterrent capacity and capability to effectively conduct operational duties without hitches.

A modernized military working with other security organs in the region will help to prevent and handle terrorism cases. Equipping the East African Community territorial command will go along way in safeguarding security in the region and should be able to help prevent terrorism and separatism like the case with Kenyan coast’s dreaded Mombasa Republican Army and Zanzibar island’s separatists in United Republic of Tanzania, especially in the early detection and early warning stages. East African region should not lose and must win against terrorism. There’s need for the five member states of East Africa to step up cooperation with each other in order to overcome potential challenges, including cyber crimes and the potential of terrorists aggression. I do accept that the region faces complex problems and must adjust accordingly, including through reforms and increasing resources but not relent on tackling crime.

Contador Harrison