Ideos is one of the most popular phone in Africa

Posted on December 1, 2011 06:30 am

Currently, I am in Africa with Somocon Oy battalion and in our travel we have seen tens of billboards advertising Huawei’s Ideos. That attracted my curiosity same as our MD Mr. Heikki Makila which led me to find our more about the small but popular android powered phone.HUAWEI may not be one of the brands that immediately comes to my mind when I think of getting an Android smartphone and it may never.However, the Ideos brand is however the best seeling and most popular android powered phone in Africa according to Network operators statistics.This has been largely as a result of  it’s packed and attractive features and is a lot cheaper than other Android phones which makes it affordable for low income earning but tech savvy population. Having handled the phone before,I noticed the phone large 3.8in screen dominates the front. The bright and sharp screen has a resolution of 480 x 800-pixels and is great for viewing photos and watching videos.

Many in Africa do really enjoy watching YouTube videos, for instance, while on the go.The review unit runs on Android 2.2.1 which is a tad old because most new smartphones already ship with version of ice cream.The later version has a new user interface, better power management, improved copy-paste function and more unlike this old droid platform.Many are first time users who are new to the Android operating system and that may take awhile to adapt to the user interface and general phone usage.Android Market has a lot to offer and it now has tons of free and paid apps. Ideos camera works best when there is good lighting but it has a flash.It’s too bad that the Ideos doesn’t have a dedicated camera button and instead a user at the local hotel told me that one has use the on-screen button to capture shots.This is a hassle especially if you are used to having a dedicated button in your phones and generally the camera is slow and it takes a moment before it captures a shot but that does mean anything to average smartphone user in Africa although you can miss important moments.According to the proud owner of the Ideos,the slow speed can not hamper the user experience and since he acquired it,the phone has surpassed his expectations. His reason was that scrolling through the contact list, browsing the Web and even downloading apps is a walk in the park and he has no complaints at all.

Another interesting observation was that what matters in Africa is not the data based services but battery strength and the voice quality for calls which so far has been satisfactory and it was easy for him to make and receive calls.However,because of literacy levels many have been frustrated when they want to type text messages.I checked on the phone to find out as to why that was the case and it was clear that the phone does not recognize taps accurately and someone need to repeatedly tap the same letter to get it right and typing text messages can take annoyingly longer because of that. His joy is that Ideos which is powered by a 1,500mAh lithium polymer battery, can last an entire day on a single charge which isn’t too bad by smartphone standard.The Huawei Ideos is designed with the budget conscious user in mind and that has made the smartphone of choice in Africa. It may not have the fastest processor or a whopping amount of memory but it still works fine in Africa.Overall, if you always wanted an Android smartphone at an affordable price, the Huawei Ideos is worth checking out.

Contador Harrison