I support same-sex marriage in Australia

Posted on August 26, 2017 12:04 am

Australia’s upcoming same-sex marriage survey will be a defining moment for the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender communities who’ve seen their issues dominating national debate. Most conservative opponents argue that homosexuality is contagious and have accused the same sex community, alongside the media, of converting young heterosexuals. Some are very afraid of the possibility of Australians demanding the legalization of same-sex marriage after the survey. However, these arguments neglect both the historical and cultural context of the Australian same sex movement and assume that all same sex movements worldwide share the objective of legalizing same-sex marriage.In Australia, the same sex marriage movement assist a psychologically and socially disabled€ community, in the eyes of conservative. Australian media has published articles on the gay liberation movement in countries like US and Ireland, playing a crucial role in helping Australian gays and lesbians identify their sexuality, locate and name their own sexual desires. It is shameful that Australia remains one of the countries in the developed world not to legally recognize same-sex marriage. Therefore am one of those who will be hoping that the upcoming postal survey will see massive public support for marriage equality and a conscience vote to be held in parliament will equally be successful. If all goes well, then we shall have same-sex couples being able to marry like their counterparts in countries like Ireland.This would be quite a helpful outcome for the health of same-sex attracted couples, who have suffered immensely with existing higher risk of poorer mental health outcomes and suicide than heterosexual counterparts. This will no doubt bring to an end the stigma and discrimination to which they are being exposed on a daily basis.Apart from advocating same-sex marriage, the primary objectives of the same sex organizations should be to provide and encourage communication and contact with gay men living far from urban life, as well as mainstream behavioral change and self-acceptance among gay men across Australia. In addition, also offering counseling services for gay men to address and mitigate their anxieties and internal conflict is important. Days when conservative Australians wanted us to see and perceive homosexuals as social deviants suffering from mental illness are long gone. We cannot allow the country to behave like medieval minded folks who in early 20th century used to attack and kill gay members in US and other parts of the world. There is a huge number of same-sex attracted people in particular already experience feelings of social discrimination and which, whether the conservative Australians like it or not, will continue to increase if same-sex marriage is not legalized.

I also wish to see the survey succeed because same-sex-attracted people are roughly twice as likely to be diagnosed with a mental health disorder, more than five times more likely to have thoughts of suicide, and four times more likely to make a suicide attempt than their heterosexual peers. And you call that a developed country? Of cause Australia is a developed country and what lacks is developed mentality of same sex marriage.While coming out as gay is considered a crucial part of liberation in the gay movement, the success of the survey will see an end to those same sex marriage community members who always consider the potentials of disappointing families and close relatives by coming out as a gay man although is neither imperative nor compulsory. Since individualism is not considered an Australian value, there are currently couple of options when addressing the matter of coming out.If the survey succeeds, one of them could see thousands of Australians €œcome out€ as a gay man if they are psychologically ready. Others will definitely be able to keep their orientation confidential, while enhancing self-confidence to prepare themselves if someday their secret is exposed but it won’t take them to jail.With this distinction in mind, marriage equality is part of same sex marriage communities aspirations. Coming out to their families still remain the greatest challenge. If Australia legalized same sex partnerships, it has been predicted that many gay Australians would register their partnerships, since they will be ready to disclose their sexual identity publicly. It will offer a solution for gay men who intended to sustain their romantic relationships. In your blogger’s view, homosexuals living together will have no issues under Australia’€™s legal code. Law will not prohibit two men from living under the same roof. Australian society also would not question two single men living together. From men staying in the same hotel room not raising eyebrows, life will be the same for them same as unmarried heterosexual couples in a hotel room.To this day, i’m one of those educating and advocating the end to discriminatory practices using my writing skills, as well as instilling self-worth for same sex persons who are still the primary objectives of the upcoming postal survey. Unfortunately, Australian society’€™s double standard remains the main obstacle to this progress. The Australian conservative community and opponents of the survey keep spreading hatred and unreasonable judgment, while same sex marriage people are not given much space to talk from their own perspectives. If they do talk, the conservatives would then accuse them of propagandizing homosexuality as if it will never happen. Even if the upcoming survey fails, i dare say same sex marriage community will eventually triumph in coming years, they will not stop an idea whose time has come, to all Australians, lets support the same sex marriage community by saying YES!

Contador Harrison