I stand with Amy Taeuber

Posted on December 19, 2017 12:44 am

Channel Seven former reporter Amy Taeuber is a young woman facing what millions of women worldwide face, a fightback sexual harassers, since she revealed about the reasons for her exit, former employers have been spending sleepless nights trying to silence her. But sadly for them, the likes of Contador Harrison fully supports Amy Taeuber and her quest to get facts out there. Days when men who can’t zip up their behaviors are long gone, in the era of social media, they’ve nowhere to hide. As much as we try to feel complacent about the progress Australia has made in giving women equal footing with men, the nation cannot ignore the fact that women are still very much on the losing side and the case of Amy Taeuber is a great example. Why was she sacked from her job because of seeking help from a bloke who couldn’t help but salivate like a hyena that hasn’t eaten for days? It’s still a men’s world out there. In fact, it wasn’t too long ago when women were considered a non-factor or even non-existent within the society, just less than a century ago.While fighting for more equal representation in politics and business as well as equal opportunities of promotion and pay should continue, protection of women’s basic rights, especially protection from physical and mental harm, should not be overlooked. Thats why your blogger stands with Amy Taeuber.In a recent post online, Taeuber says she felt “betrayed” by female senior staff and colleagues after she made the sexual harassment complaint.“While facing the daunting prospect of an uncertain future after losing my dream job in 2016, I was coming to the stark realisation that the women I’d looked up to for many years weren’t coming to save me,” Ms Taeuber wrote.“What was worse was trying to grapple with the feeling that some female staff, who I considered close friends, had actually helped cement my fate.“While I’ll never quite understand their actions, I only feel pity towards them.“No job is worth selling your soul for. In a time when I needed the sisterhood the most, I felt as if it had failed me.”“I guess I couldn’t blame some of the senior women. Many of them had families to think of, but sadly, or naively, I expected more.”

Amy Taeuber case is a reminder that women still face threats of sexual harassment and rape and they are vulnerable to abuse both at home and at the workplace. Imagine Channel 7 trying to gag such a young woman instead of investigating and establishing the facts? Come on, those dinosaurian minded folks heading the network need to be reminded that no matter what they do to conceal such, facts will always come out. It is very sad that women experience sexual abuse every day. A rapist can be anyone. Often, the abuser can be someone the victim knows, a figure in authority or someone they have been brought up to trust. Whoever conducts the harassment, the law and its officers must side with the victims like Amy Taeuber and not the opposite as channel seven has done. While I uphold the presumption of innocence, the alleged sexual abuse against Amy Taeuber is worrying. The power that be seem to be impeding their investigation by not even questioning the victim without ever summoning Rodney Lohse since the alleged offense took place.One would have expected channel seven to handle the case professionally, and listen to their conscience to allow justice to prevail, and stop shifting the blame on to the victim Amy Taeuber.I believe the case will be a test of how well the channel seven serves its women’s basic rights before it can move on to fulfill other rights.Lets face the facts, workplace sexual harassers should never get away with their act.Days are gone when some people did not even consider sex overtures as a form of sexual harassment. If Amy Taeuber allegations were throughly investigated, I’ve no doubt channel seven would have had a public relations nightmare as was the case with Amber Harrison who went public with her affair with Channel seven CEO Tim Worner.Well done Amy Taeuber for speaking the truth on unwanted comments, gestures and actions forced on you in a work place without your consent and directed at you because of your actual or perceived sexual fitting. My feeling is that Amy Taeuber will inspire many more women who face a wide-range of actions from catcalling, whistling, to groping and assault to come out.Just like Amy Taeuber, women young or old, need to start telling boys or men that no form of harassment is ever okay, be it physical, verbal or psychological. It is time to break this cycle, because when it comes to sexual harassment, silence is definitely not golden, congrats Amy Taeuber for fighting on your dignity.

Contador Harrison