I advocate a fair and responsible use of social media

Posted on May 10, 2013 10:20 pm

Been off the social media for the last few days, but would wishes to draw the attention of the internet users, on the use of social networks to socialize in a responsible manner and by showing respect to others. I was shocked when I saw a user who tagged his friends on a photo she was naked with no sensor to her cleavage and “underworld.” There has been an increase in number of complaints on some comments posted by people on social network sites like Facebook, Twitter and others. Those who ignore sanity in social media and post comments that are of a reprehensible nature, are in direct violation of national and international laws.

Contador Harrison deplores the fact that some wicked persons are using the social networks in that way on the Internet. I do not want censorship of any nature but this writer recommends fair and responsible use of the Internet so as to reap the full potential of the worldwide web in terms of knowledge, communication and sharing. Those aggrieved should work in close cooperation with the their respective countries police force which could carry out the investigation to go back to those who use the social networks unwisely and with impunity. Users should make their countries look respectable because whatever nonsense you post is associated with your country’s standard way of doing things. There is no doubt that we bound to have cyber-criminals. They are malicious and it’s up to users to take preventive measures.

Contador Harrison