Hugging and kissing matters in a relationship

Posted on June 21, 2017 12:07 am

I was having a chat with an individual who doesn’t understand why he’s never seen me hugging anyone and feels that i should start doing so. It started as an idle discussion only to end up being deep conversation on how often should someone hug and those lucky kiss. I frankly don’t know but according to the individual, He says that engaging in a kiss at least twice each day declare to his lovers helps him and them to stay connected. Even though he may tell his mate he love them, giving them a kiss reaffirms to them that he’s still in love with them.He believes that the kiss every day has a more immediate and dramatic effect on a relationship than anything else one could do. Also, he says given in the morning, it sets the tone for the rest of the day and given early in the evening, it sets the mood for the rest of the night.That sounded like a great plan. He says that no matter what time of day he kiss, he feels warm, close and connected. It doesn’t even matter whether he feel like kissing each other or not, the result of the kiss is the same and encouraged me to try it out when a chance presents itself. When it comes to hugging, he surprised me by saying that there’s actually a formula for that which he says need 4 hugs a day for survival, 8 hugs a day for maintenance and12 hugs a day for growth.This he says when you hug or are hugged, the body releases a hormone called oxytocin, which reduces cortisol, the hormone released when we are stressed. In short, the more oxytocin you have, the better you can handle the stresses of life.He added that when one of his female friends are hugged, they have daily pressure, and helps them fight fatigue and ease depression. At that point i was getting interested in the conversation. When it comes to kissing, he says for his case he need to kiss his partner every day for maximum relationship benefits, and three of those kisses are always extended passionate kiss. He believes that kissing time is healthy for relationships.In my view, it doesn’t matter how far apart you may have grown in your relationship, you can probably recall a time when your mate’s touch comforted you, calmed you or sexually excited you.

He also said that even a simple touch can reduce heart rates and lower blood pressure. Touch also stimulates endorphins, the body’s own natural pain suppressors, a fact i didn’t know. Him and his girlfriend have been going on for six years and she still says she needs passionate kissing almost every time they are together. And when he make love with her, apparently she can’t get turned on unless he can kiss her. I didn’t buy that theory but gave it the benefit of doubt. It’s not a crime that I have never liked kissing for I know that there are very many infections that comes with it, but even if i were a fan, i wouldn’t need as much of it as his girlfriend does. Certainly, he may not have admitted to me but sometimes he must find it a bit boring.We all know that kissing is ideal for romantic relationships and has been throughout the ages. In fact its a fundamental expression of desire, intimacy, adoration and passion for one’s romantic partner. I just think that some people like the individual aforementioned are more addicted to it, if his story is true and are comfortable with physical affection than others.It is not unusual in the sense that different people place different values on kissing, and have differing needs for the amount of smooching they share together. In some cases, it is common for women to desire kissing more than men as very blokes I know are passionate about it.During dating skirties actually use kissing to assess the suitability of their partner as a mate as one my female friend told me couple of years back. In her own words, by kissing she could tell if there was need to continue into a relationship. Snogging held plenty of weight as a variable in her dating experiments. I do however agree that kissing symbolises blossoming romantic intensity and intimacy and for men mainly they place sexual advances and foreplay as stronger indicators of growing relationship interest. As the individual told me, kissing releases brain chemicals such as oxytocin responsible for making people feel bonded to their partner.After that chinwag, I was reminded how important kissing is and how much pleasure and joy it delivers and no doubt kissing makes people involved feel loved, bonded, connected and desired in other ways.

Contador Harrison