Huawei plan to expand its presence in Africa

Posted on March 20, 2014 10:00 pm

Huawei will soon unveil its plan to further expand its consumer brand in Africa with main focus on Sub Saharan region by launching more state of the art innovative mobile devices and assisted by a number of marketing activities. A close contact working with the firm in Africa informed this morning that Huawei is determined to be among the top two consumer brands in Africa within the next 3 years. Huawei has been investing in Africa for the past half a decade and has seen its business in the region grow significantly especially in hardware business like telecom equipment and Mobile phones. According to my friend, Huawei is is now the key player in the broadband development in Sub Saharan Africa with exception of western Africa and is proud to help the African people enjoy an unique and advanced communication experience. Huawei is currently number three worldwide among the phone manufacturers and last year had the highest year on year increase among the leading vendors at 67.5% according to statistics. Latest data shows that Huawei captured 4.9% market share last year with smartphone shipments of 48.8 million units, up from 4% the previous year.

Huawei Logo
Huawei Logo

Huawei is aiming to increase its brand awareness to 80% within the one year mainly through their tactics that have worked very well elsewhere. They include streamlining their distribution channel with partnerships with telecom operators being top of the list. Some of their partnerships include Safaricom in Kenya, Tigo in Tanzania and MTN in Uganda and Rwanda where they have jointly launched affordable smartphones. Also, the recently announced Huawei Ascend G6, X1 and the latest Mobile Wi-Fi launched in Mobile World Congress recently, will be available in several African countries in the next two months. The Chinese giant also has advanced plans to increase their investments in marketing communications, including more ground level activities and consumer promotions. In Africa, Huawei expected Long Term Evolution to be another catalyst for the development in the region. Currently, the data shows that it is the main driving factor for the network development in East and Southern African regions. In the next few years, mobile Internet users will grow to half a billion in Africa and their spending on broadband will be doubled. Huawei estimates the data growth will increase for 16 times and the demand for smartphones will be 10 times more. Overall, Huawei is expected to leverage its strength in the 4G network side, to bring more innovative, high-end 4G LTE devices, and this is a priority for Huawei in Africa from now onwards according to my friend who works as a strategist to the Chinese

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