How to protect from car theft this festive season

Posted on December 17, 2016 12:49 am

Economic hardships being experienced all over the world means the bad boys and girls in the society will continue to increase and that means more will use the short cut to try and get dough in their pockets. Most of those who will be affected are car owners, mainly targeted by robbers. No doubt underworld economy is thriving and little progress seem to be made. Having been a victim of hijacking myself more than a decade ago, I would like to share a number of things you can do to reduce the risk of your automobile being stolen. When you leave your car, close all the windows, lock the car and take the keys with you. Never leave valuables in plain view in an unattended car, it’s an open invitation to thieves according to auto theft experts. For me, I advise that you don’t bother with those magnetic key holders that let you attach a spare key to the underside of your car. Thieves know all about these not-so-secret hiding places.Parking your car in well-lit areas whenever possible is a plus. Turning wheels toward the curb to make it harder for car to be towed by a thief. When parked in your own garage, lock the car and close the windows and lock up the garage. If the car has an alarm or other theft prevention device, make sure you use it everywhere. Always use more than one anti-theft device for even more protection.When circumstances require leaving the car unattended for an extended period of time, consider disabling it by removing electronic ignition fuse or other crucial part.Vehicle tracking devices are becoming more popular these days too, and can be activated when your car is stolen to aid police in quickly tracking its location.

For own personal safety, always lock doors and keep windows up when in the car. This sensible habit offers better protection against road rage assaults, abductions and carjackings like the one that befell me. Being wary of strangers coming up to car window asking for directions, distributing flyers or otherwise engaging in conversation is a must and should never entertain them. Don’t roll down window to talk to them because that could just be a trick.If you’re bumped from behind by another car and believe it’s a ploy to get you out of your vehicle, ring the police immediately from your car. Gently nudging the rear of a car is a commonly used technique by criminals, don’t fall for it, especially in an isolated, poorly lit area. One thing you might not appreciate about car thieves is just how loyal they are to popular brands. Year after year, data showed that aside from passenger cars, buses, forklifts, rollers, tractors, bulldozers and crane are also stolen. Despite technological advancements in car security, there is probably no single, 100% guaranteed way to protect your car from theft. Whenever a new type of anti-theft system is introduced, it stops thieves in their tracks for awhile, but they often find a bypass solution eventually.Immobilisers installed in new vehicles are a major reason why car theft in some countries is decreasing, but a quick check on the Internet will turn up plenty of helpful advice on how to circumvent certain types of immobilisers. And so it goes with other types of theft prevention devices, and although they may be highly effective, determined and experienced thieves usually manage to find a way of getting around them in the end.That’s why its good to consider theft cover as a must-have for car insurance and it’s important to know which ones cover you for car theft and which don’t.Have a safe ride during the festive season.

Contador Harrison