How to overcome domestic violence

Posted on December 4, 2016 12:40 am

I maybe lucky that I never experienced domestic violence in both nuclear and extended family but have plenty of cases am familiar with related to the vice. Efforts to stem the rising incidents of violence against women have not succeeded, and abuse cases are reported daily both on mainstream and social media, with most of the attackers a partner or family member.I spoke to a victim who was abused a few days ago by her partner and it was heartbreaking. “We had been together for eleven years. He wasn’t like this at first,” she said. “But when we had three children, he started to take alcohol with friends almost every day. “When he came home, he would argue with me and beat me up. He once stabbed me with a sharp object while I was asleep but my first born stopped him. I wouldn’t have survived.” Her story was painful for your blogger to listen as she revealed how enduring her husband’s abuse for more than seven years because she was taught to be his submissive follower. “I was taught that women should love and obey their husbands even if they hurt you,” she told your blogger. “Contador Harrison I endured it until he died in a drunk-driving accident last month, which freed me from the domestic violence,” she said. The physical and mental abuse had left her yearning for a separation but the thought of her three children being without a dad meant she continued to endure the abuse until the man exited the world. It left me wondering how many women goes through such all over the world on a daily basis. Violence against women is on the rise, or at least the number of reported incidents has increased. Listening to her, it was clear domestic violence is on rise where either husband attacks wife or wife attacks or kills husband in self-defence or children kill dad or vice versa. A major contributing factor behind the violence was the attitude of men that they must be patronising and there’s need for youths to be taught otherwise to lower the number of attacks against women.All over the world, reporting offences has proved to be not good enough and families must work together to reduce the risk of violence.

According to experts, domestic abuse is a type of abuse that occurs between a partner, spouse, child, elderly relative or any other family member. It can happen to anyone and affects both the physical and psychological condition of the victim. If you are a victim, abusers will try to use fear, guilt and shame to bring you down or hurt you as well as threaten you and the people around you. Understanding the problem of domestic abuse and its symptoms can help you to manage the situation and support yourself.Domestic abuse can also cause emotional abuse. Even though this type of abuse does not cause physical harm, it is a bigger problem than you think. Abusers may use threats of physical violence or verbal abuse such as yelling, blaming or shaming.Verbal abuse is a way of making you feel worthless and stupid. You have to remember that you are neither of these things. Abusers make themselves feel powerful by making you feel small and weak. In addition, there may be other behaviours like isolating, intimidating or controlling victims.Victims of emotional abuse may feel that there is no way out of an abusive relationship and that their feelings of self-worth and independence have been destroyed. The worst outcome of emotional abuse is if victims experience suicidal thoughts or tendencies. In expert view, physical abuse is using physical force with the aim of injuring or endangering another person. It can cause wounds or injuries to the victim’s body. It is critical to know that sexual abuse is also a form of physical abuse. If you are involved in any situation in which you are forced to participate in unwanted or degrading sexual activity, it is considered sexual abuse. Even if it is perpetrated by your spouse or intimate partner, forced sex is an act of aggression and violence. Moreover, victims of physical or sexual abuse are likely to be severely injured, or could even be killed.

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