How to deal with Cyberbullying

Posted on June 15, 2014 12:33 am

According to experts, cyberbullies, also known as Internet trolls, are the type of online visitors who knowingly terrorize other web users. They thrive on stirring things up, posting rude comments for the sake of starting off-topic arguments and do it out of a hobby. Cyberbullying is mainly the harassing, teasing, intimidating with pictures or words through the Internet and is one of the main issues faced by all of us today. A number of people, at an alarming rate, commit suicides due to cyberbullying addressed to them. It shows how some people use the Internet in a negative light. Cyberbullies predominantly attack the victims via messaging apps and chat rooms, online forums and even social networks. They comment on victims’ status updates and pictures. The worst thing about cyberbullying in social media is that the network involves a whole lot of other people. Social network is a public sphere where people of all walks of life can freely read what’s on it. Hence, when one is being cyberbullied, it’s the same as being humiliated in front of hundreds of people like the Harry Porter’s author who supports the No campaign in Scottish independence learned few days ago. With the vast development of technology, the Internet is now more accessible than ever. Internet makes it easier to look up information, stay updated with the news, keep contacts with people you know and those you don’t, find lovers, jobs and other beneficial purposes. Unfortunately, many users it for all the wrong reasons which can lead to serious repercussions.

In my case, I have prevented cyberbullying from happening to me by ignoring friend request on social networks from those I don’t know and even those that I don’t like what they post and staying away from commenting on sensitive issues. To me, having a good attitude and not caring what other people say about me has helped me in lots of ways. Cyberbullying is a crime in almost all countries and when you come across one its good to report it to the authority. One thing I respect Cyberbullies is that they have a lot of free time on their hands compared to some of us. Those idiots need to find a better thing to do with their lives instead of spreading bile and bringing negativity into other people’s own life because there are no benefits. On the Internet, I have also come across a forum where different countries often show their dislikes towards each other. In the heated arguments, the language used isn’t anywhere near respectful. Two countries in Africa (I cannot mentioned them to avoid trouble) last year made fun of each other’s national anthems, insult celebrities from each country, and worse yet, laugh at each other’s cultures.It was shocking and definitely not the right kind of nationalism or pan Africanism as new generation of leaders call it. That was hate speech. And whether you’re aware or not, you are spreading hate through the Internet which is buffoonery. Contador Harrison believes the Internet is there for reason a good one and I’m thankful for its existence because it helps me so much in many ways including watching live matches online in the ongoing World Cup in Brazil. Let’s not turn this wonderful discovery into a hostile place just. Time to see if Queen Elizabeth’s Three lions boy will maul Pizza Boys known as Azzurri in Manaus, Brazil.

Contador Harrison