How Facebook love landed my friend in grave

Posted on December 1, 2012 09:04 am

Few months ago, I descended in lovely and beautiful my upbringing town of Melbourne for summer break trip. During my trip, I met my childhood friend who looked so different compared to the one I knew over five years ago. She narrated to me her story that changed her life forever. At the beginning, she told me that her situation is known to most of her friends and neighbors beside the family members. Ma Boy Contador Harrison, thank you for taking time to sit down with me because I no longer have anyone to talk to.People in St Alban don’t know how I feel and what I am going through. I am thankful to Lord that today I could find someone like you who can understand what I am going through so I can talk to you. Ma boy Contador Harrison, I cant talk to no one here they don’t want to listen or anything. To use the words like devastated, disillusioned, traumatized, stigmatized is to underestimate my former Brunswick schoolmate feelings. I can keep on describing her state of affairs but I’ll stop there for now. This is not technology stuff that am used to writing but I had to share it out for the sake of those who may fall on same path as the World observe the World Aids day today 1st December 2012.

This is the story my former schoolmate narrated to me. Ma Boy Contador, I first found out my boyfriend was cheating around 2006 with another woman age of my mother. It was the first time in our then nine-year relationship I had witnessed that. I gave him a second chance because I thought he would change after I caught him.To prove my forgiveness was right, he did everything for me after like buying me little gifts when he was out shopping for himself, came to my apartment to cook for me, talked on the phone with me for hours to an extent one time Virgin issued him with a $4678 one month bill and this is the receipt (I saw it myself).Ma Boy Contador Harrison we were always the “envy couple” for many who saw us walking in places like railway station, Main Road West, Main Road East, Alfrieda Street and East Esplanade. We had the kind of relationship everyone close to us always said they wished they had. I can recall how we spent ample time together after work, made jokes and fun of each other and most of the time we held each other every day and night while watching movies or TV. Ma Boy Contador Harrison I should’ve taken the first red flag as a sign of failure in the aftermath of 2006 incident because traditionally, he was a party animal. Back then, he was still studying at Victoria University so of course most students did parties including me at the time.

My Phd course last year was time consuming so it was a very stressful year overall but as “we” Christian bible teaches us that its good to forgive and forget (She knew me as staunch atheist). In 2007 -2010, I concentrated on work and no partying. Around the summer of 2008 my lover joined Facebook under a different identity and since I did not have time to socialize online I never joined and up-to now and I never want to hear about it. Using that new account, he connected with a lady from Kensington area and their relationship thrived afterwards. When it came to the day they went out, although I came to know afterwards, that same night he went out, he lied to me and told me he had to study the whole night for coming week exams. The filthy animal ended up going to a party with the woman in a club and at around 1AM same night, they went to an after-party afterwards. Then around 2AM they checked into a Taxi cab where they were driven to his dorm and had unprotected sex with a “whore” he met on Facebook that night at his dorm which was right down the street from me. The following morning we met and he never showed any signs that something fishy had happened.He came up to me and asked me the time we could have a fling that same day because he was “long overdue”. Oh Ma Boy Contador Harrison, how I wish I never bought that idea of a having fling. About 8 months later, the “whore” dropped a bombshell to me that she was pregnant and that my boyfriend was responsible because they had several unprotected sexual intercourse over the last eight months. At that point, Ma Boy Contador Harrison, I stopped dating this guy for good.I had a bad feeling about him all of a sudden. The “Whore” ended up having a little baby girl. I cursed myself why I did not listen to my internal critic in 2006 and why I was that dumb to give him a second chance only to find out afterwards, that he was still the same promiscuous bloke.

Unfortunately, Ma Boy Contador Harrison unlike the first time when God was on my side, this time I felt this time round I had run out of luck and the man I entrusted with my soul and future was HIV positive and was a father with “whore”. I felt so betrayed, hurt and scared to death. What about my family and friends? What about me? What was going to happen to my future?I mean to tell you, I lost it Ma Boy. I took a bold decision one year after our last sexual encounter and went and got tested right away to confirm my held fears that I could be HIV positive too. First test was negative at that point but second and third ones were all positive. For now, I am struggling with the fact that this man I dated did this to me on purpose. He lied to me, he couldn’t give me the chance to decide if I wanted to be like him in his HIV Positive life or not. He should have told me! Now its been a year, I have been living with HIV Aids, dealing with my crack addiction, my alcoholism.I have had enough and just want to die. I did not go to school to study, get a job and work for drugs. Not me Ma Boy Contador. I honestly dislike him now and if I had a gun I would shoot him. Not because he is HIV Positive, but because he chose to harm me. Ma Boy Contador I can tell you that F***** bloke is the most selfish self-destructive person I have ever met. And maybe I am uncaring now because this has been the worst year of my life and am heading to the grave because of that S*** called Facebook.

I just want to let everyone know there are people out here who will not tell you they are HIV positive until its too late. Please pray for my death Ma Boy Contador Harrison. This disease is really getting hard on me. On the other hand, I wouldn’t mind sending him to prison for attempted murder!
Yes I am a very upset. So I need to find peace and courage to deal with the next battle that will shake the state of Victoria and shape the world.Sadly, on Sunday 19th Novemeber 2012, a family member sent me an email that the lovely lady I knew for ages passed away.I felt for the bright and beautiful gal.My friend held a Phd in computer science and was working with a reputable organization prior to her relationship problems. The above story has done very little to allay my fears how the so called social media relationships have ruined marriages and relationships and what might come out of these results seem to say, oh you’ll be fine but I can not seem to get them to understand they don’t know how it feels, cause I don’t know if I’ll be fine. If you reads this and your having unprotected sex or promiscuity is your bread and butter please STOP once and for all.It is not worth to put yourself through what that man put my former schoolmate through endless agony. If anyone has any comments or advice on HIV Aids prevention please share as it could end up saving life or new infections. My warning is that with all sincerity, avoid looking for “part time” partners on social media platforms unless you are sure that it is something you want to do or your prepared for consequences. Next it could be you!

Contador Harrison