How a smartphone app turned Contador Harrison into a coffeehoser

Posted on February 9, 2013 07:05 am

In the next few years, I could be facing the dreaded mid life crisis. Luckily, I belong to the young generation that in a way unlikely to go through the process which most of our elderly brothers and sisters have endured in the past with a lot of pain. At times, it has turned out to be fatal. I have a great feeling that an appreciation of new kind of midlife crisis could come and go as quickly as the thrill for new smartphone apps. Fortunately, because of having a smartphone, I am capable of changing my favored coffee destinations extremely fast just to keep up with the in-crowd through smartphone apps unlike midlife crisis that I have to wait for my time to come.When it comes to selecting a good coffee shop using apps, I always ensure the place also acts for my palatable comfort that I dare say it gives me comfort and stress free moments.

After a stressful week, I decided to make a call to a friend to find out if we could have a chat as we take coffee and we agreed on the place and time. My friends and I arrived at the restaurant at 2pm for coffee and what I call comfort chat. The Forty Seating capacity coffee shop has a dark brown and white color scheme with a high ceiling that reminded me of some ancient restaurants in Moscow. The low-slung industrial lighting fixtures and rustic walls reminded me of the first and the only trip I made to Papua New Guinea in 2004. My friend was impressed by the loft like setting blends stylishly with bay windows that turn the coffee shop into hospitable reading corners for guests coming alone. While the shop designed reminded me of a warm privacy, the restaurant’s coffee comes with an entertaining user-friendly philosophy. As the afternoon progresses, the drinking mood intensified with options from drinking the usual three cappuccinos cups to the levels of gratifying avid coffee brewer at the restaurant with five cups after two hours.

An extensive collection of other coffee choices was also on offer.Of all five cups we ordered each, most well done were the last two of which it was inspired by the season of love and is only available in February. Our coffee chat kicked off wonderfully well but next to us was a couple dressed in red outfit. This, in my own opinion translated to an early valentine treat for the skimpily dressed woman. They both ordered a tortilla chips topped with melted mozzarella cheese and fresh tomato jalapeno salsa. At that point my friend decided we should have dinner rather than we drive to our respective places and start preparing dinner. I rejected idea because I am not a fan of hotel food. However, my friend being a lazy lad when it comes to committing time for Kitchen business, he ordered thick slices of seared sushi-grade tuna that came tossed with sweet mango cubes, fresh shallots, tomatoes, lettuce, mint and Italian parsley in sour and spicy chilli lime dressing to create a great combination of colours, textures and, of course, flavours.

Just like Canadian pop singer Shania Twain’s 1998 hit song goes;You don’t impress me much, that kind of dinner did not impress me much. As he enjoyed his dinner, I ordered more coffee and from a fabulous selection of home made cakes, I found true satisfaction with a wonderful Black Forest cake and white chocolate fresh strawberry cake. Honestly, I must admit that the two cakes were luscious. By the time we left, the ancient looking restaurant had a chic setting and fashionably clad crowd enjoying their pre-Valentine celebrations. Unlike using my smartphone apps to engage my online friends on Twitter, Google Plus and Facebook and locating the best coffee shop in town, I now know that an appreciation of a new coffee establishments may come and go as quickly as the thrill of Valentine day that leave other satisfied (my friend) and others dissatisfied (read me), the coffeehoser was not a loser as I ended up with a coffee belly after downing nine cups of coffee and that turned out to be my ‘app dinner’.

Contador Harrison