How a friend embraced nudity culture

Posted on September 30, 2017 12:48 am

A friend recently shared his experiences of nudity after what he called the best trip of his life in Iceland’s popular Blue Lagoon.It was the first place he’s ever visited where one need to take a shower before going into the pool and requires individuals to shower naked. There’s however an option that after being rinsed and conditioned, a person can put bathing suit back on and head on in. He chose to remain nude displaying his wedding tackle without blinking….he he he… The initial reaction when he walked into a room and fond naked strangers staring at him, he felt like turning the other way but was bold enough to withstand the stare of his assets. He ignored the puzzled looks and quickly shuffled in the other direction. But then he ran into a woman in gym shorts and a polo shirt, who just smiled at him. “Are you here for the experience?” The experience? What experience? “Um, I can’t tell,” he told the woman.”You should enjoy the opportunity, it’s very good. You will sweat a lot.”It is at that point she made a decision and did it. He walked back into that room as completely naked as everyone else. He navigated his way through the pack, past young looking men, beautiful women, young and old and in the far corner found a space and sat between a naked mid forties man and a naked early thirties woman. As the conversation continued, your blogger was getting excited and asked for a continuation.He said since that trip, he’s been attracted by nudist tourism beaches, camps, naked hiking and naked cruises.The thought of socializing with a big bunch of people in their cloths doesn’t appeal to him anymore.

In fact, he told your blogger that coming face to face with a high amount of nudity has made him a better person.He now steps into mixed-gender saunas like never before and has really got the hang of it.Sauna time is now a big part of his culture, it is a must at regular intervals, and if he goes too long without sauna, he’ll start feeling incomplete.It’s a way of life for him and can’t see how life can be better with nudism.He also don’t do gossips in saunas, him and his friends discuss real issues more than they do in boardrooms.It is a phenomenon my friend had no idea even existed before he went to Iceland.There has never before been such brazen nudity in his version of saunas. There have never been men and women together.He now frequents a thermal spa and sauna where guests have to drop all pretenses of modesty and their clothes to be eligible to enter. When he entered, according to the story he gave your blogger, with the door closed, Sauna master, a coach for nudists visitors of the sauna began spooning water onto the hot rocks in the middle, which hissed a cloud of steam. He then grabbed a bath towel and began swinging it around his head, stirring up the air, mixing it, blending it, raising the temperature higher and higher. He started breathing deep and sweating to a point he realized that fellow nudists naked around him, women and men, both young and old, were staring calmly. After the session, him and fellow nudists stood up, collected their towels and walked outside into their changing rooms.As it turns out, he loved every part of the sauna experience. Hitting himself with birch leaves to get the circulation going, applying sauna honey to open the pores and running down a jetty to plunge into an icy pool. The adrenaline high afterwards was addictive according to his story.Since then, he can jump at any chance to get naked whenever possible.Indeed, nudism is getting mainstream!

Contador Harrison