Housewives feel happier as technology has made household affairs easier

Posted on February 5, 2015 12:15 am

Internet technology has become a source of inspiration for people. It has brought changes in bedrooms, offices and vehicles etc.Most talked about is Home appliances that have experienced a metamorphosis that makes them easier and more practical to use.Large electronics companies have been introducing new standard for household appliances. This new standards have experimented on establishing a “”smart home”” controlled solely from a control panel on the wall of a house.Using this panel, one can regulate all electronic household appliances, ranging from a refrigerator, a washing machine and a television set to an air conditioner.In Japan,Toshiba, Sharp and Hitachi have formed an alliance to draw up a standard for electronic household appliances that are connected in a data network. In one familiar case, main panel also allows user to check the consumption of energy supplied by electricity company. Then user can pay the monthly electricity bill through the Internet after the main panel is connected to the Internet.

Using this panel, user can also dispatch a video message to neighbors.For example, when a wife and her family members are absorbed in watching TV and someone knocks on their door, anyone can monitor the visitor through the camera installed in the house and connected to their TV.Audio and video sets in her home will later pass on her response; whether to let the visitor in or ask them to leave a message. In short, all appliances and gadgets in this future home are part of a dream home that makes it easy for the occupants mainly housewives to live in comfort and enjoy great ease without having to exert extra energy.Not only electronic gadgets but also household appliances are being connected to this panel.Regardless of whether housewives like Internet-connected household appliances or not, the fact is that housewives everywhere are now facing the reality of the emergence of smart household equipment and appliances.Most of these appliances now carry the “smart” label as it is getting easier and easier to operate them.

Directions for use are usually supplied with such appliances. In addition, their capacity is becoming wider and the appliances themselves are increasingly more environmentally friendly.For the manufacturers, this highly potential market must be one of their target market. Given the development of the premium mass-market,electronic companies are daring to set the sales of their top products at more than 30 percent of their sales in 2015.These include products intended for the very high-class segment, like a convertible side to side refrigerator with a capacity of more than 500 liters.Such a refrigerator has four sections, each with Quatro Cooling system.But with prices range consideration, Contador Harrison can still say these products are intended for the premium segment. Korean and Japanese electronic companies are focusing on producing home appliances for this segment. We all know that electronic manufacturers no longer produces single door or double-door refrigerators. Instead, they produce double side refrigerators with a capacity of more than 500 liters and up. As for washing machines, electronic manufacturers no longer makes a semi automatic washing machine with two tubs.

Instead,they now produce single tub automatic washing machines of the top-load and front-load types. Me thinks that target market for these electronic companies is no longer the mass user class but those who are more aware of the reliability and comfort of such products as part of a lifestyle.In view of the statistics of the sales, it is true that the home appliance market is indeed a market with high potential eyed by producers from Japan, India, China, Taiwan and South Korea.The latest products introduced by modern household appliance producers have avant-garde technological innovations that few of us can resist.Buyers wishing to purchase household appliances at relatively the same prices are now looking at the superior edge of the products, particularly concerning health and environmental considerations. Most household appliances are now more energy-efficient, cleaner and more hygienic and these means more appliances are pollutant free and are easy to operate.For one thing, they give greater comfort to “digital housewives” kitchen work as they are connected to the Internet.

Contador Harrison