Hong Kong eSports player’s life

Posted on December 4, 2017 12:28 am

He’s known to the eSports crowd in Hong Kong, and he’s always considered to be among the guys to beat when it comes to local and regional events. Born and raised in Hong Kong, Sez Kwok told your blogger that eSports is like a five verse, five games and you work as a team to take down the competitor base, simple as that.I’ve played League of Legends since the first season.Those who don’t know, League of Legends is a Multiplayer Online Battle Arena game of 10 players, 5 on a side. Each of the five players have different roles and eams collect gold to buy items to become stronger, kill enemy players, take objectives and destroy the enemy base to win. The concept is quite simple but the skill, diversity and steep learning curve is what makes League of Legends so addictive to many players. The game is not hard to pick up, but with the game constantly being updated, the learning curve can be said to be virtually infinite. What I like about League of Legends Contador Harrison, is this diversity where gameplay is different with every game you play. Every time a player press the play button, Sez Kwok says it is guaranteed to be different from the past 200 games a player has played.Within the game players are also given the freedom to choose their characters, referred to as champions, and your strategy. The game play is extremely fast which puts a player on the edge of the seat every time. Sez Kwok advises those who really want to test their skills, League of Legends has a ranking system where a player can work way up through seven levels from Bronze through Challenger. If a player win, points are earned according to the performance and advance upwards. If a player lose, points are lost and drop down. Sez Kwok is one of thousands professionals playing in the Hong Kong’s eSports competitions. “The physical element isn’t there like it is in a normal sport, but it’s definitely the same sort of dedication you put in the same sort of team work so it’s def a sport,” said Sez Kwok. It’s a fast moving industry, gaming in Hong Kong will earn USD$100 million this year, that’s up from $12 million just seven years ago. “What I really hope to do is for Hong Kong to get students into the gaming industry after they’ve done high school and perhaps they can get into computer programming which is a good foundation for gaming.

League of Legends has about 900,000 people that play it, compare that to rugby which is also common in Hong Kong with only less than 50,000. This year more than 1 million people in Hong Kong watched the world championship in online. “eSports is definitely a career option, what i’ve found out in Hong Kong is that a lot of students actually have a passion for gaming,” said Sez Kwok. “I prefer the gaming side of it, and it’s quite interesting to see how games work,” said Sez Kwok. “I didn’t do the best this year but I still think it was worth it because I had fun,” said Sez Kwok.It’s fun that could pay off in the future. Recently, Sez Kwok participated in a tournament through the local League of Legends website and from friends whose rankings are at the semi-professional level including Diamond, Master and Challenger, he emerged among the top five. He learned later that most of them wanted to play in the tournament to test their skills in a competitive environment and they entered as a team. In one case, he was put in as a substitute for the team in case they needed to use a different strategy where Sez Kwok was stronger and more confident in that role than another player. We had seven members on our team, had six players in total and one coach. Our team were hand-picked players with high-rankings and had training sessions for six to eight hours a day to work on team-play, team composition and strategy. However, since it was an open tournament, other teams had players of all levels but overall we competed seriously.Sez Kwok described his experience in recent tournaments as a great chance to test their skills. “It’s basically like a mix of chess and football. From the graphics, it looks cartoonish, but that’s just the shell of it. Inside, it’s more complex because everything you do, you have to think of what will happen and what will be the outcome. So basically eSports player can have millions of calculations in their head running at the same time which is comparable to a football player but one who is not physically moving, says Sez Kwok. That’s the attraction for millions of young people around Hong Kong and Sez Kwok told your blogger, he has no doubt eSports will create many millionaires in Hong Kong in the next decade.

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