Hey, choice is not an issue, ‘money’ is the problem

Posted on August 4, 2013 12:13 am

My buddy, let us go see the inside part of the hotel where a night suite will cost $20,000,” I told a friend, as a hotel manager showed off “The VIP’s Suite” to a selected few invited guest that I was lucky to be part of here on a rainy Sunday afternoon. It was the most expensive hotel room I have ever seen. The hotel manager proudly demonstrated to us the magnificent sophistication and opulence of the yet to be opened hotel that included a private lift, extra rooms for family, guard, secretary and even assistants of the VIP visitors. The $20,000 tariff of the hotel we were told that it was just for room and other basic services. The facility whose location details I cannot mention for fear of reprisal as official date of launch is few weeks away, will almost be a must go for wealthy and powerful people and that’s not my class as I find spending such money as brainless extravagance. For those who can afford, its not jealous but I’m being reasonable. Being a very expensive hotel will make it is so prestigious that many visitors who want to make sure that everyone knows where they were visiting.

I was among those invited because I’ve been a regular client for their relatively lower priced hotels for the last few years. Others invited will stay for one night at the new S$400 million hotel. The objective of the one visitor per floor strategy is to attract wealthy and filthy rich travelers and premium travelers who can afford such luxuries. The facility being in a third world country is what left me gobsmacked.
As a self-made chef, I was eager to chat with the new facility chef, who informed me that menu is for upper-class people and not average visitors of my class. The deep pocketed can order their favorite dishes and according to him top hygiene will be guaranteed. At one point all the invited guests had to ‘assume’ that we were visitors, because the hotel is still in the final stages of preparation for full operation, expected earlier next month when southern hemisphere holiday season picks up. It was practically empty of visitors so, hotels in one of the most sophisticated and expensive hospitals I have ever seen with naked eyes.

Of course on Television and first world countries like US, Canada, Norway and back in Australia I have seen similar high end facilities but that was the first in a third world country. Breaking down the cost was hard for me to comprehend why on earth a night is worth $20,000 but when I saw how super-modern the toilets are, I realized it was worth. I admit that I tested the toilet just like I do with software and when I sat on the bowl, my buttocks gently warmed, thanks to an electric seat warming device. While there is probably little doubt about the quality of such facilities, competition in high end tourism seem to be getting fierce and that can only benefit tourists and travelers who can afford such facilities. For most of us who work hard to earn a good income and strive to save only a few hundreds of thousand of dollars per annum, the S$20,000 per night tariff is probably beyond our wildest imagination, but according to the hotel manager several tour firms have already shown a strong interest in the hotel facilities. I do think that as long as price is not a concern and enjoying world class facilities is a priority, the new hotel will remain the main attraction for many years to come as long as the quality of services as enshrined in their marketing plan does not change. To all my readers, I promise to mention and share the images once the facility is launched.

Contador Harrison