Heartbreaking story of a girl who quit drugs

Posted on June 23, 2017 12:04 am

I was on a skiing trip in the alps when I started experiencing what I guessed were the telltale signs of sexually transmitted disease. Walking in glacier I became distinctly aware of an uncomfortable flu and diarrhoea. I was also having trouble going to the lavatories. And I was extinguished energetically, but I attributed this to the fact that daily activity wasn’t the best training for three weeks of sustained mountain skiing.I’d suffered similar symptoms in Italy the month before. Initially, I blamed my discomfort on the relentlessly daily skiing training. However the health problem persisted. I’d been to see an Italian doctor who took a swab, peered at it, and even let me have a look, before asking me to take a blood test and after results were out, told me that I had a sexually transmitted disease. After contracting the disease, I concluded that I needed medical intervention. I also needed a counsellor. I didn’t really believe it at the beginning, but a few days later I started to accept reality. So I decided not to seek a second opinion. I figured that I would just wait until the next test, which hopefully would occur on the same place.That time I was determined to get an official diagnosis and knew there were antivirals that alleviated symptoms and even prevented outbreaks if I started them early enough. I wanted those drugs. Fortunately, when I saw the doctor, the odds were in my favour. True, there was still challenges until I had confirmation from the lab. But it wasn’t so big that doctor didn’t write me out a prescription for the antiviral drug.But before I became a skiing trainee, Ice was my drug of choice because it made me active. You feel nothing. It makes you able to approach people and you don’t feel like you’re embarrassed. You don’t feel anything, other than you can walk up to anyone or anything and do anything you want. That is how I may have contracted the deadly disease.Ice is a party drug mostly and for youngsters like me. My friends use it like ecstasy, that was my other choice.Something had to pay for it. The monthly income couldn’t, friends couldn’t, my family couldn’t, because I stole off them, I stole everything they had. I turned to commercial sex business at age of 17 and now am almost 25. That’s what it came to, and that’s how I had to live, and that’s how it is.

That’s what everybody does that uses ice or meth that gets hooked and stuck on it, they will go to any limit to get what they can to make a coin. I had to sleep with as many men as possible just to ensure I’ve enough supply.Before I went to rehab and started skiing, I wasn’t sleeping for maybe 25 days to a month. Anxiety attacks, panic attacks, they come from the heart rate because my heart rate was pumping so flat out. People are never going to stop people from doing anything. It depends on their atmosphere, how they’re treated, and what they’re going through in life. Because there’s people out there with worse lives than me, that don’t know how to be helped, that don’t know how to ask the question to be helped. Luckily for me, I was able to do so and here I am. I found out the reasons why I had to change the way I was, and why. I needed the love of my mum, dad, brothers and sister. My parents parted at a younger age and I’ve got an anger boiling in me, still until this day, that I hide. I long for the love of my parents, just to spend some time with them, so it’s hiding the pain of that. One day it may come true, they may come back to tell me that they love me and give me a cuddle. That’s all I want before they or me die, a cuddle off the two. My journey started nine months ago, I changed my appearance, and started to pick up my self esteem. Everything’s going great since I’ve had the turnaround and the support and knowing it’s there. I’m waiting to hear back this month to find out whether I’ll receive a full skiing scholarship. I ring my caseworker, and I’ve also got a rehabilitation officer and she’s there for 100 per cent. I can ring either of them on a private number and they are there any time I need them, a great team. So I’ve got two people there, other than my friend I have had him there for six months, through thick and thin, he’s been with me. I’ve been clean now nearly a year and it’s been great. I just keep away from the drug. I don’t go near it.It’s better on the other side. Drug addicts have a gazillion stories to tell but this one I listened to recently, left me gobsmacked. Am happy that the girl quit drugs and is now under rehabilitation and was brave enough to share with your blogger a story that felt like a movie script than real life story.

Contador Harrison