Having a big or small dream is free of charge

Posted on July 20, 2015 12:01 am

Contador Harrison believes in the power of mutual cooperation to materialize plans for high success.In my entire life, I have never feared to undertake high risks business ventures and building systems that I have seen some fail but that has never discouraged me from having a big dream. I continually nurtures my big dream, which has paved the way for my success in career and life.Those close to me knows that my biggest dream is to build a world-class tech company, complete with high quality products and services. Am one of those who strongly believe that having a big or small dream is free of charge. Why can’t Contador Harrison have a big dream?One thing I can share from experience is that boldness matters when it comes to dreaming big.In realizing a big dream, one cannot work alone but should involve more people. Contador Harrison has traditionally worked under a mutual cooperation system, which can minimize the risk because it is shared by more people. When implementing a big dream project together, people are apt to be more courageous if you may ask me.I don’t believe big dreams are all about the founder because despite the involvement of shareholders or business people in any project, a project will not work without the presence of a leader, which, according to me should have supporting qualities that include having a good character, being honest, exercising a high sense of discipline, retaining responsibility and having a passion for working hard.

Apart from that, a business leader should have passion, knowledge, skill and experience. With these three qualities, a company leader will be able to be a capable cabbie.As a cabbage patcher (as Victorians in Australia are known) we say that a cabbie can have much knowledge or skill and experience, but if he or she has a bad character no passengers will want to sit on the cab because they will be afraid of being taken to an unwanted bad place. Contador Harrison is what he is now because of childhood influenced when he was living with his parents, during which time I was taught business philosophy, which has until now become engrained in my blood.I do have an expanded understanding of different beliefs and cultures, which has nourished my professional life. Aside from attending a government elementary school Contador Harrison was taught Christian teaching,he also learned Confucianism, Hinduism and Buddhism, although not in a formal way. “All of these environments have contributed to the formation of my character.I believe that we are given intellectual facilities so that we become good men and women, be meaningful for family, people and state.”In my two decades in technology industry, the key to success has been to be committed in implementing what I have planned. A vision or a dream is subject to continuous evaluation to allow myself to continually grow and satisfy clients, partners or customers expecting from me.

Initially,my vision and mission was to become an full time coder but found myself in business and blogging.I have achieved it and I have to start to have another big dream and that will be shared in cause of next month (August 2015) on this site. Giving back to the society by sharing my experience and views about tech and non tech related developments on this site hasn’t been enough.Thats why when am not involved in day-to-day operations, am engaged in motivating, educating, giving guidance, mentoring with big companies which has landed me invitation to explore collaboration opportunities with a firm handling Mobile Robotics. Having years of experience in computer programming,I knows well the different technology approaches that theoretically include ‘coding by terrorism’ and ‘coding by participation’, as well as coding skills best suited to a company.In business perspective,when management theory is put into practice, there is no single leadership style applicable to every situation. For example top-down approach deter people from advancing while bottom-up approach used wrongly problems cannot be solved and from my experience in Australia, United Sates, Africa and Europe what has worked well is modified approaches. As my mother once told me, learning does not merely come from official education, but from experiences, listening to music, working practices, social intercourse, reading books, watching movies and visits to different places and even from having girlfriends.

In Contador Harrison expanded experience, enriched by a wide range spiritual knowledge from different beliefs and cultures,entrepreneurial leadership scope is not confined to a corporation and when it comes to solving a conflict involving business partners, I can confidently tell you that human and cultural approach is the most effective.Culture does not raise the differences between races, ethnic groups and religions into an issue.After my retirement,I plan to learn different cultures outside what I’ve already covered as I believe there is an aspect of sociology in culture. My sister once told me that learning sociology makes human beings aware of how to manage a business and to make it harmonious.When I am away from work, I try to have more time to communicate with my relatives and friends which is essential.Taking a morning walk or jogging in my compound with my Rottweiler for thirty minutes is an activity that allows me to listen to my internal critic instructions and that gives me inspiration.To keep my body in shape, I engage in different kinds of workouts, instead of one particular kind of sport because even when am dreaming I need to be fit physically.Occasionally,I go swimming.Mean solar day has 24 hours six of which are for sleeping, another six for working, the other six is for writing and telly watching and the remaining six for reading books and encephalon engagement. I have conducted these issues in a disciplined manner for as long as I can remember, then why can’t big dreams be achieved? To realize the dream, I advise to start with small things to make it easier, less risky and this should be done quickly so as not to lose the momentum and the mental spirit remains in flame.

Contador Harrison