Handling an arrogant woman isn’t easy

Posted on October 11, 2015 12:00 am

The beauty is a powerful element in forming public or individual opinion, but all too often, women attraction is used in a way that reinforces the exploitation of skirt wearers for selfish gains and profit in our societies. Not being a hypocrite, I must say that women are judged based on standards of physical beauty and any slight deficit in “complete beauty” means head turners are few. For those who care about neutrality and diversity like me, all women are conventionally attractive whether with light or dark skin, trim figures or fat like a pig and long hair among other features that makes men develop goose bumps instantaneously. I knew it all along that our opposite gender cerebellum and cerebrum cannot match motor abilities of men and after an event yesterday it occurred to me, that no matter how gorgeous, educated, talented a woman is, if one has mental and tongue control, it is more than a nagging thorn in public’s side. Indiscipline is clear evidence that mental bankruptcy is part of an individual whether male or female. Moral weakness affects an individual entire well-being, from the appetite succeed, to the quality of life and the general sense of self worth.

What became painfully clear to me yesterday was the fact that a well dressed and nice looking Caucasian lady with good command of queen’s language proved that an individual behavior depends entirely on how someone was brought up.Powerful women are not chatterbox and don’t argue like fools and neither do they utter bile in public like the lady I saw yesterday at the local supermarket parking lot.Her endless and prolific nature of the racially charged verbal abuse of a young man whose only crime was to ask her not to double park suggests that real beauty exists inside and not outside as many would want to believe. Whether someone has grown up in abusive environment it does not mean getting into stressful situations abusing innocent people without recognizing their dignity. Why is it that some women feel mistreating a man in public is a proof of feminine rise but to me such imperfection represents an image of a buffoon.In my daily life, the last time I saw a woman of great physical beauty shout like a medieval tout was when I was teen while training Taekwondo in Saint Alban area Melbourne.My late Uncle once told me that physical beauty, not talent, is the essential element for a successful career or professional whether male or female.

The 23 year old parking attendant was subjected to a barrage of abuse and threats in presence of tens of people by a woman who thought that being black is an automatically inferior and was infuriated by her deep antagonism and hatred towards innocent bloke in the public eye. Unexpected moments like that of yesterday has reinforced my belief that discomfort and paranoia by classy women has halted their progress and anger at their gall against men cannot help them with gender equality arithmetic and men will dominate the society for centuries to come. For example I was shocked when I heard the lady say, This stupid parking attendant just needs a good smashing up the face and he’ll learn a lesson of a lifetime’ and then she added that I wouldn’t mind tying this fucker to my gas because he does not deserve to be a public parking attendant.  In societies in which any person can rightfully work in any field or earn a own living, mistreating and threatening an individual no matter how literate or illiterate one is are a cruel way to reassert female power and male powerlessness just because the woman was driving an international organisation emblazoned vehicle.

In an answer to the women who work hard or shout in public to keep men silent, it would be fitting if the women of today who relentlessly fight for advancement in the face of decreasing female attacks should style up and leave their tantrums as well as their stupidity to themselves. Instead of using verbal abuse as an active form of abuse let them behave and report any issue to the law enforcement authorities if they feel aggrieved.No matter how hard she tried to gain her approval of abusing the young man, she realized simply not one was interested with her shenanigans.Verbal abuse can be very subtle and prolonged, such that I could not even realize it took me more than half an hour quietly watching the woman full of ego gushing words that tween cannot even dare repeat in presence of an adult. While she was firmly trying to establish herself as the centre of attraction at Supermarket’s parking, she started losing tracks of her complain from the onset and even the security guards efforts to contain her were futile. I felt very sorry for the young man on the receiving end of abuse. It is such women and their perception about themselves that must change first before men like Contador Harrison starts respecting each and every skirt wearers.

In reality, many abused people feel isolated and alone because they choose not to talk about what they are going through in their mind and am pretty sure that man may not work there again because of the shame and stigma the abuse and insults brought.It is so important that when you know someone who has suffered from abuse to reassure them that they do not need to face everything alone and was quick to give the young man words of encouragement. To me, he proved that you don’t fight fools when their foolishness and emotions ran high. For not reacting it means even if the woman made a comeback the bloke will always keep his eyes and heart open to those who may abuse him in the future. It doesn’t mean that physical beauty is a requirement for impunity and ‘above the law’ feel good factor. Keep in mind that inner beauty is a must for any dignified human being but outer beauty is feature for both intellectuals and airheads. Many people like me, look past a pretty face in their search for substance in a woman and I do not like women who are too arrogant when in public domain and the arrogant woman was more like a felon.

Contador Harrison