Hacking activities will continue to grow

Posted on August 2, 2011 08:09 am

Hacking has become part of the news we consume on a daily basis. From defunct News of the world scam to Anonymous hacking group activities hacking has become part of the mainstream media reporting list. Last weekend Hackers conference emerged as one of the most successful ever according to insiders because there was introduction of children in the game. First,I’d like to say that websites just like Phones cannot be easily hacked by children but with proper guidance it is possible. There is the code that is written to do the actual hacking and there is the users’ of that code. From my knowledge, the code is so easy to use that one would simply need to enter the web address to be hacked, and of course even a 6 year old could do it. To write the code is a different game altogether.I have had first hand experience on hacking because after our company won a tender way back in 2005 we got hacked.As the main personnel, I studied how the virus got into our machine and what it was trying to do. In order to write such code one needs a deep understanding of the operating system that one is trying to hack. One need to know all about the low level systems that go on inside of a computer and it is not in the least bit easy.Would a school child aged 7 know about the COM system, networks, how to get the virus to write a hook in the master boot record just to mention a few? I really don’t think so as a professional. However, such people are provided with the tools. The way the Press go on about children is simply a smokescreen and they are being used to lead you away from the trail. From that 2005 incident, I realized that if you want to stop hacking you need to find the actual coders. Your guess is as good as mine, Hacking activities are sponsored by rogue governments and corporate rivals in most cases. That is the level of expertise I’m are talking about, because there is a huge amount of work done by extremely clever people in order to protect against these intrusions. In my opinion, Hackers provide a vital service to the world although others will tend to disagree. For example, if websites and other Internet based servers can easily be hacked by school children, then they are inadequately secured and the CS Engineers who created them don’t deserve to be in employment.

It can be equated to leaving your house unlocked with little or no security and it beggars belief.The difference with someone breaking into your house is that you will have most probably undertaken some basic security measures and when it comes to hacking these kids are exploiting security holes which have been documented for years, and any web designer or system administrator should have patched. An SQL injection is not new, nor is cross-site scripting, DDOS attacks just to mention a few and solutions have been around to protect against them for a very long time.In most cases that I have had over the past few months I can say they are entirely innocent, vulnerable teenagers who have exposed the complete amateurishness of Computer security all over a dial-up connection in those organizations and perpetrators have been vilified and persecuted by extremely powerful enemies called security agents.Some have gone to the extreme and appears to have been some intention to embarrass, and to break the law of which I don’t support at all. However, the kids caught will still be persecuted to an excessive extent, and it’s for that reason that they will get a lot of sympathy leading to more attacks. I have no personal issue with the Murdoch empire but anything that attacks his pernicious rags is a service to society that has suffered for so long from his media outlets.Who can dispute that FIFA crooks were not celebrating when his empire seemed to collapse because of what the UK’s Sunday Times had reported prior to world cup 2018 and 2022 bidding? In my conclusion, most hackers are involved in a criminal act and I know the difference between wrong and right hacking. If Teenage hackers’ don’t, then their parents are at fault. One of the parents of the teenager arrested on suspicion of being part of the Anonymous hacking group expressed fears that the reclusive teenager would kill himself if the mother denied him access to his computers. I have watched various Tv channels reporting about hacking and was left scandalously gob smacked when some human rights organizations claimed hacking some websites is not wrong. When are we, the law-abiding part of society, going to be rid of these problem for good? I can say to you confidently that the mobile and websites hacking is gaining momentum and trend is simply irreversible and if your smart enough brace yourself for more hacking activities as the young ones prepare to take over from their mentors.

Contador Harrison